Gauri Thadiya Puja: 16 Kudumula Thadde during Ganesh Chavithi

How to do Gauri Thadiya puja? What is the puja procedure of Gauri Thadiya or 16 kudumula thadde vrata? What are the steps involved in Gouri Puja on Kudumula Thadde? Gowri Thadiya puja is the most observed vratha in Andhra Pradesh.

Kudumulu are the special recipe made of steamed rice flour. 16 Kudumulu are offered to Gauramma on this day and that is the reason this Gauri puja has got the name of 16 Kudumula Thaddhe.

In 2023, Gauri Thadiya puja or 16 Kudumula Thadde date is September 18.

Gauri Thadiya vratham is observed the day before Ganesh Chavithi. Gauri Ganapathi Puja is also called as Shodasa Gouri Puja or Shodasha Gauri Vratham.

In Telugu, Thadiya means the third day (Tritiya) and the name suggests the vrata or the puja dedicated to Goddess Gauri. On Gowri Thadiya, women observe strict fast. The first and foremost step in Gouri puja is installation of Gauri idol. The Gauri idol made of turmeric is referred as Gauramma.

Steps involved in Gauri Thadiya Puja:

  1. Ganesha puja is performed before the Gauri puja. Ganesha idol is also made with turmeric. After the Ganesh Puja, Lord Shiva is also worshipped with simple slokas.
  2. Shivlinga is offered bath and offered Pushpabhisheka. After Ganesh Puja as well as Shiva pooja, Gauri idol is installed with chanting Gauri avahan mantra.
  3. Gowri idol is made on Uttareni (Achyranthes aspera) leaf and installed on it. Gauri idol is offered bath with water (Jalabhishekam), panchamritam (Panchamrita abhishekam), and once again with water.
  4. Vastra Yugmam (a special thread like puja item made with cotton, turmeric and vermillion) is worn to the Goddess. Gauri is offered Turmeric powder and vermillion powder are showered along with flowers on Gauri idol.
  5. Akshata (consecrated rice) are showered on to Gauri idol. 16types of flowers, fruits and leaves are offered along with 16 kudumulu to Gauri devi.
  6. After Gauri Thaddhi puja, Gauri daaram (Gouri Kankanam), a thread made of 16 strands and turmeric, is worn by women to their right wrists.

Gauri Thadiya kudumula vratham is performed by married women for marital bliss.

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