An Idle Mind is Devil’s Workshop



An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop. It means if a person doesn’t use his mind properly, then his mind would get occupied with unwanted thoughts. He would become very lazy, and wants to run his life comfortably without working hard. For getting money, he would even steal and cheat others. He would be surrounded with bad friends similar to him, and they would entirely spoil his life.

In general, even if a person is healthy, if he sits simply by watching TV, and eats plenty of food without working, then he would become an unhealthy person, and his mind also would become rust. Some unemployed students, if they didn’t get a proper job according to their qualification, then they are setting their own style of living, by gossiping with their friends, watching Cinemas, and developing bad habits like smoking and drinking. After some time, even if they get employment in some good companies, they would not be having the interest to join in the companies, and would want to spend their life lazily. Even if their parents scold them, they would not obey with their words, and would keep fighting with them. In course of time, they also want to get married and settle in their life, without working. Some young men would make friends with some young ladies through social media, by introducing themselves as a big business man. Some girls also might fall in their trap.

The youth would try to have pleasure with those girls, and also would ask money, whenever they are in need. After knowing about the real face of the youth, the girls would register a complaint in the police station. And after preliminary investigation, the youth would be arrested and would be kept in the prison.

On knowing about the situation of their sons, the parents would try their level best to relieve their son from the prison. Some youth may change their behaviour and would start their own business, and would slowly improve their life, whereas, some young men, would never change their mind, and would become a thief and a cheater, for ever in their life. Hence in order to keep our mind always occupied, we should keep thinking about god.

Whether we are employed or unemployed, that doesn’t matter. Because some handicapped and sick people would be a permanent dependent on their parents, they would not be interested to go for a job, due to their poor health condition. In such a case, instead of getting worried about their son, their parents must make them to get spiritually trained by making them to read good spiritual books like the life history of Lord Buddha, Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, and also by watching devotional movies in the internet, and make them to listen to divine discourses conducted in the temples.

Slowly their mind would get changed, and in course of time, they would have the interest to set up their own career, either by going to the jobs or by setting up their own business.Living our life is in our hands only.

God would not appear before us and would tell the ways of living. We only have to cultivate good habits in our mind from our young age onwards, and must be spiritually motivated by our parents.


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