Gowri Habba puja procedure – How to do Gauri Habba Vrata?

How to do Gowri Habba puja? What is the puja procedure of Gauri Habba vrata? What are the steps involved in Gouri Puja? Gowri Habba puja is the most observed vratha in Karnataka. In Kannada Habba means the festival and the name suggests the vrata or the puja to Goddess Gauri. On Gowri Habba, women observe strict fast. The first and foremost step in Gouri puja is installation of Gauri idol. The Gauri idol made of turmeric is referred as Arshinagauri. On Gowri Habba, either Jalagauri or Arshinagauri is worshipped.

Steps involved in Gauri Habba Puja:

Ganesha puja is performed before the Gauri puja. Ganesha idol is installed and simple Ganesh sloka is chanted. After the Ganesh Puja, Lord Shiva is also worshipped with simple slokas. Shivlinga is offered bath and offered Pushpabhisheka. After Ganesh Puja as well as Shiva pooja, Gauri idol is installed with chanting Gauri avahan mantra. Gauri idol is offered bath with water (Jalabhishekam), panchamrit (Panchamrita abhisheka), and once again with water.

Vastra Yugmam (a special thread like puja item made with cotton, turmeric and vermillion) is worn to the Goddess. Gauri is offered Turmeric powder and vermillion powder are showered along with flowers on Gauri idol. Akshata (consecrated rice) are showered on to Gauri idol. Simple Gauri puja slokas are chanted.

Offerings to Gauri – Gowri Habba Mangaldravya or the items required for Gowri Habba puja:

Goddess Gauri is offered mirror, comb, red colour or green colour bangles, cereals, new cloth (red or green coloured), 16 types of leaves, 16 types of flowers and 16 types of fruits along with coconut. 16-knotted yellow thread, also known as Gauri daara, is worn by women to their right hands for the marital bliss. Bagina is the important thing for the Gauri Habba puja.
Atleast 5 baginas are prepared for the puja. One bagina is kept aside for Gauri devi and the remaining Bagina are given to other married women.

Detailed Video of Mangala Gauri Puja Procedure with Mantras and explanation on how to perform Mangala Gauri Vratham (Telugu)

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