Gowri Habba Puja Preparations, Swarna Gauri Habba Vrata decoration

On the day of Gowri Habba, women and young girls either prepare Jalagauri or Arishinagauri. Arishina Gauri is the small idol made up of turmeric paste. During the Gowri Habba puja, usually Kalash Sthapana or Ghata Sthapana ritual is not followed.

The main objectives of Gowri Habba puja are neatness and devotion. Women perform Gauri puja with devotion and dedication in their hearts and cleanliness in their physical atmosphere. It is to note that Gowri Habba 2021 date is September 9.

At first, Gowri mantapa is made with banana stem and mango leaves as all other puja mantapa. Banana stems are decorated around the mantapa like an arch. Mango leaves are set around the Gauri mantap. The mantap is also decorated with flower garlands. Vastra yugma (the thread like things made with cotton, turmeric and kumkum) are made to decorate Goddess Gauri. 16-knotted sacred thread, Gauri Daara, is prepared for Gauri Habba pooja. During Gauri pooja, Gauri Daara is worn by the married women who performed the Gauri Vrata.

How to prepare Bagina for Gauri Habba Pooja?

Gauri Bagina are the important thing for Gauri Habba pooja. Atleast 5 Bagina are prepared for the pooja. Each bagina includes – a packet of turmeric powder, a mirror, comb, red or green colour bangles, coconut, karmani (black beads), a red or green blouse piece, various cereals and grains, rice and jaggery. The bagina are distributed to suhasinis (married women). On Gouri Habba puja, newly wedded women are invited to their in-laws home and offered baginas.

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  1. Rasik says:

    preparation to be made for swarna gowri habba

  2. Lohendra says:

    to whom bagina should be given in swarnagouri vratha

    • Shilpa Gn says:

      To anyone in family elder to you and take ashirwada from them.
      we do like that every year.
      while doing pooja we prepare bagina and keep them for pooja.
      we keep 5 as panchamam karyasiddi.
      Hope this had helped you in answering.

  3. Vignyatri says:

    items to be placed in marada bagina on swarna gowri vratha

  4. Aashi says:

    decorating mantap for gowri ganesha festival at home