Undralla Thaddi 2019 | Vundralla Thaddhe Gauri Puja

Undralla Thaddi or Vundralla thadiya is a festival celebrated in South India, especially in Andhra Pradesh. In 2019, Undralla Thaddi date is September 17. It is observed on the third day in Krishna Paksha, the second half, during Bhadrapada masam. This festival is dedicated to Goddess Gauri, who is considered as the favorite deity for […]

Gauri Thadiya Puja: 16 Kudumula Thadde during Ganesh Chavithi

How to do Gauri Thadiya puja? What is the puja procedure of Gauri Thadiya or 16 kudumula thadde vrata? What are the steps involved in Gouri Puja on Kudumula Thadde? Gowri Thadiya puja is the most observed vratha in Andhra Pradesh. Kudumulu are the special recipe made of steamed rice flour. 16 Kudumulu are offered […]