Fortune Tellers

In general we are considering only the astrologers as fortune tellers. But apart from them, some under privileged men who belongs to a certain community would also tell our fortunes in order to earn something for their livelihood. Kutukutupai Karar and Boom Boom Mattukaran are those fortune tellers, but they are unfortunate people, since nowadays most of the people want to see their astrological predictions only with the general astrologers, Nadi astrologers or Parrot astrologers. Most of the people are ignoring these noble and kind hearted people, who are considered as the true sons of Ma Jakkamma, a form of Ma Shakti Devi. It is our duty to help these poor people by asking them to tell our fortunes, in order to make them into fortunate people.

Kutukutupaikarar are those people who used to tell our fortunes especially during early morning times, by shaking their favourite instrument, known as Kutukutupai. It is believed that some of them would go to the burial ground after midnight would conduct special pujas to increase their powers and worship Mata Jagakkamma devi, also known as Jagakkama, a form of Mata Kali Devi. Some of them would have even completed their degree, but without getting a proper job, they are engaged themselves in their profession.

Still now, during early mornings, we can see the noise of the Kutukutupai, and the high pitch voice of the Kutukutupai Karar. Some of the children would afraid of his appearance, and his peculiar acts. But most of them are honest, and just for filling up their stomach and also to bring food for their family, they are trying to earn money by way of honest means. These tribal men are considered as the descendants of Lord Kalabhairava, who used to wander in the burial grounds during night times. Most of these people are very poor, and they would live in the platforms or in small huts without having adequate facilities in their homes. Most of them are not having the knowledge of taking up other kinds of profession, and hence they are still relying on their same profession.

Since nowadays everybody is cautious and careful, nobody is willing to allow them at their homes, and also nobody is ready to talk with them. Due to that, day by day, the lives of the Kutukutupai Karar are becoming very worse, and they are finding it very difficult to continue in their profession. Some of them are even taking up the profession of theft, and losing their lives. It is our duty to encourage the mighty Kutukutupai Karar, who used to roam in the streets in the early morning, by telling good fortunes to us, in the name of their Kula Devata, Mata Jakkamma Devi.

Whether the fortunes told by them to us gives goodness to us or not, that doesn’t matter. Let us welcome them to our homes, and provide some food, clothes and money to them, in order to make their lives to run smoothly and peacefully.

Boom Boom Mattukaran also called as Adiyan belongs to a group of tribal people and they are mostly found in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. In order to earn for their livelihood, they used to travel to several places with a good looking decorated bull, and they used to tell the fortunes of the people, and during that time, their bull would gently nod down its head, and due to that the owner of the bull is described as Boom Boom Mattukaran.

The Bull man would be fluent in Tamil and Telugu. But nowadays only a very few people are engaged in this nice profession. Since most of the people are not interested in fortune telling, most of the Bull men are begging for alms and some strong people are doing labour work. Most of the children of the bull man are interested to study well, and some private social service organisations are also taking care of them by paying their fees and providing them nutritious food. But still large number of children of Bull man, are not getting proper aid for their education.

Bulls are considered as the descendants of Lord Nandhikeswarar, the divine bull and the vehicle of Lord Shiva. Since the Bull man owns the bull, and treating it as his child, we can consider the Bull men as the incarnations of Lord Shiva, and can provide proper help for them. Most of the poor and the under privileged people are born in this earth, only due to their bad karmas. By lending our helping hands on them, we can see the everlasting smile on their face, and their blessings would bless us and also our future generations. By the way of donating a small portion of our wealth, we are lighting the lamps in their lives, and by doing that, we can please the divine bull Lord Nandikeswarar as well as his and our master Lord Shiva.

Hence let us lend our helping hand to these types of under privileged fortune tellers in order to make them to prosper in their lives.


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