Bowing head before the Almighty

We must have to always bow our hands and heads before the great almighty. God is the universal master, and he is the father and mother for all the living beings in the earth. God contains great spiritual powers, and only through his super natural powers, we are all peacefully living in this earth. We must have to develop the mentality that whatever is given by the god, we must have to accept it whole heartedly. We should not keep jealous with others, if they contain more wealth and power than us.

Instead of bowing our heads and seeking mercy before the ordinary human beings, if we ask god to show mercy on us, definitely he would come forward, and would hear our needs and wishes, and would fulfil it at the appropriate time. But we must have to definitely suffer for our past birth karmas, since no one can escape from the clutches of Lord Dharma Deva. In our general life, we can find some people looks very brilliant and would easily prosper in their life, whereas some people would be very dull and lazy, and all this things are happening due to their past birth karmas.

As per the sayings of Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita, “Whatever is put on your head, you have to accept it wilfully. Since even I cannot change your fate, you are responsible for your own karmic deeds. Only thing I can do is to reduce the severity of your problems, based on your devotion and faith on me. Life runs faster and faster and living beings are created and destroyed, and without my help, they cannot succeed in their life, even for a single moment. If anyone realise that I am the wire puller of the entire universe, then he would be considered as my true devotee, and I would always dwell in his soul. If my devotee keeps full of faith and devotion, sings songs on me and performs meditation on keeping me in his mind, then he would never commit any mistakes in his life, since I always dwell in his mind, and pushing him to do only sacred deeds in his life. Hence let my devotees keep concentrating only on me, and me only, in order to attain the eternal bliss after their death”.

Hence similar to the sayings of Lord Krishna, we must not lose hope in our life, and if we wilfully utter the holy names of Lord Krishna, we would forget to do wrongful acts in our life, and would always keep doing only noble acts throughout in our life.


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