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Jyeshta Maas 2018 in Gujarati Panchang

Jyeshta Maas, Jyeshta Maas 2018 in Gujarati Calendar. When is Jyeshta Maas in 2018? When Jyeshta Maas begins in 2018 and ends? Jyeshta Maas in Gujarati Panchang.

Jyeshta maas (Jyeshta mahina/Jyeshta month) (June-July) is the 8th  month in traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Gujarat. In 2018, Jyeshta Maas Jyeshta month starts on June 14 and ends on July 13 as per Gujarati Panchang. Same dates are applicable for Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi calendars.

Sud Paksh in Jyehsta month 2018 begins on June 14 and ends on June 27.

Vad Paksh in Jyeshta month 2018 starts on June 28 and ends on July 13.

Name of Jyeshta maas indicates the nakshatra ‘Jyeshta’. As the Jyeshta nakshatra falls during Purnima in this month, it is hence referred to as Jyeshta mahina.

Ganga Dasara, Nirjala Ekadasi and Krushi Purnima (Vat Purnima) are the major festivals in Jyeshta month 2017 in Gujarati Calendar.

Here are some important dates of Jyeshta Maas 2018 in Gujarati calendar

14 June 2018 – Karaveera Vrat

15 June 2018 – Nija Jyeshta Maas Chandrodaya

16 June 2018 – Rambha Vrat

17 June 2018 – Uma Chaturthi

20 June 2018 – Trilochana Ashtami, Dhumavati Jayanti

23 June 2018 – Nirjala Ekadashi

24 June 2018 – Sri Shankara Kailasa Gaman, Champaka Dwadashi, Kurma Jayanti

27 June 2018 – Eruvaka Purnima, Mahajyeshti, Devasnana Purnima, Vrishabha Puja, Hala Pravaham

1 July 2018 – Sankatahara Chaturthi

6 July 2018 – Sheetala Ashtami

9 July 2018 – Yogini Ekadashi

11 July 2018 – Masa Shivaratri

12 July 2018 – Vata Savitri Vrat

13 July 2018 – Nija Jyeshta Amavasya

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