Sathuragiri Aadi Amavasai 2022 | Sundara Mahalinga Swamy Temple’s Aadi Festival

Aadi Amavasai is celebrated with utmost gusto and fervor at Sathuragiri Hills, Chathuragiri,otherwise known as ‘Sundara Mahalingam’ near Srivilliputhur in Tamil Nadu. In 2022, Aadi Amavasai date is July 28.

Ahead of the ‘Aadi Amavasai’, thousands of pilgrims have started thronging the Sri Sundara Mahalingam Swamy and Sri Sandhana Mahalingam Swamy temples situated atop the Sadhuragiri hills in Virudhunagar district.

Both the temples – Sundara Mahalingam and Sandhana Mahalingam temples are famous for Lord Shiva devotees, many of whom throng during the ‘Aadi Amavasai’ (new moon), Chitra Pournami (full moon) and Maha Shivrathri.

During Aadi Amavasai, the temple festival will normally take place for 10 days. There is no restriction in climbing up and getting down from the hill and providing free food (Annadhanam).

The name Sathuragiri came from chathur (“four”), Veda (Vedas) and giri (“hill”), where all the four Vedas met and formed the hill. Another meaning is that the whole mountain is in a square (chathuram) shape, hence the name Chathuragiri. Sathuragiri is the abode of God. It is otherwise also called as Mahalingam Hill. This is also called as “Siddargal boomi”. 18 Siddhas were said to live here. This is a mysterious hill where it is believed that Siddhars still worship the lord Shiva.

Apart from Aadi Amavasai, Sathuragiri Sundaramahalinga Swamy Temple is very famous for Thai Amavasai, Chithirai Festival, Aani Thirumanjanam, Margali Thiruvathirai,  Mahasivarathiri, etc,.

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