Vishu 2016 – April 14 (Malayalam New Year)

14 April 2016 is Vishu, the harvest festival of Kerala which is observed on the first day of the Medam month (April – May) of Malayalam Panchangam. Vishu is the first day in Malayalam calendar. This festival is also celebrated in Tulu Nadu region in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In some places Vishu is known […]

Bisu 2016, Tuluva New Year 2016 in Karnataka

Bisu, also known as Tulu New Year Day, is the first day of Tuluva calendar followed in Tulunadu region in Karnataka. In 2016, Bisu date is April 14. The entire stretch of Udupi, Dakshina Kannada and parts of Kasargod is known as Tulunadu. The people of Tulunadu follow Souramana Panchanga (Solar calendar) hence this festival […]

Vishukani Darshan at Guruvayur & Chennai Mahalingapuram

Vishukani Darshan is the first sighting on Vishu festival and is considered very important. In 2016, Vishu festival date is April 14. Most of the temples will be opened for Vishnukani darshan at very early in the morning and will be continued till late night. Vishukani consists of a ritual arrangement of auspicious items like […]

Vishu Kani Darshanam 2016 in Sabarimala Temple

Vishu Kani or Vishukkani is the most important ritual performed on Vishu, Malayalam astrological New Year in Kerala. Sabarimala Ayyappa temple (Sabarimala Devaswom) is the great place to observe Vishukkani Darshanam. Vishu Kani 2016 time will be from 4 am to 7 am on 14 April 2016. Vishu Kani Darshanam will be followed by Neyyabhishekam. […]

Vishu Phalam 2017-2018

Vishu Phalam 2017-2018 gives annual predictions (yearly astrology predictions, horoscope) as per Zodiac signs. Vishu Phalam is the major aspect of Vishu festival. Vishu Phalam 2017-2018 provides the complete prediction of your future during the period of 15 April 2017 to 14 April 2018. Here is the complete info on Vishu Phalam 2017-2018 1. Vishu […]

Sauramana Ugadi 2016

Sauramana Ugadi is the Hindu New Year observed as per the Sauramana Panchangam (Solar calendar). In 2016, Sauramana Ugadi date is April 14. It is also referred to as Meshadi, Vaishakhadi, Mesha Sankranti, etc.. Puthandu in Tamil Nadu As Tamil people follow Sauramana Panchanga, Varusha Pirappu, Puthandu, Chithirai Vishu, is celebrated as the Tamil New […]

Mesha Sankranti 2016, Mesha Sankramana (Souramana Ugadi)

Mesha Sankranti (Mesha Sankramana punyakalam) is an auspicious during when Sun transits to Mesha Rashi from Meena Rashi. It marks the beginning of new zodiac cycle of Surya Bhagavan. It is also referred to as Souramana Ugadi as it is celebrated as the New Year day in Souramana Panchangams (Solar Calendars) followed as per Hinduism. […]

Vishu 2016, Vishu Festival date in 2016, Malayalam New Year 2016

Vishu 2016, Vishu Festival date in 2016, When is Vishu in 2016 in Kerala? In 2016, Vishu date is April 14. Vishu is the harvest festival of Kerala observed on the first day of the Medam month (April – May) of Malayalam Panchang. Vishu 2016 date is April 14. Vishu is the first day in Malayalam […]

Vishu marks Kolla Varsham for Malayalees

A Hindu festival that is celebrated in the state of Kerala in Southern India is Vishu. It is also celebrated in the Tulunadu region (Udupi and Mangalore districts) in the state of Karnataka in Southern India. In the Gregorian calendar, it is usually celebrated in the second week of April. With Kolla Varsham, as per […]

Religious History of Vishu

Religious History of Vishu, what is the history of Vishu festival? The origin, Mythology of Vishu festival of Kerala. According to the local legends, in the incomplete literary work named Trikodithanam Shasanam written by Bhaskara Ravivarman has mentioned regarding Chithira Vishu. It is to be highly remembered that Bhaskara Ravivarman was a king who successfully […]