Science, Numerical derivations of Vishu Festival

The message of prosperity and auspiciousness is greatly conveyed by the festivity of Vishu among the Malayalees throughout the state of Kerala and the keralities living across the world. Through the widespread and large scale blooming of Kanikonna (Laburnum) flower, the immediate advent of this festival is grandly marked in Kerala.

This particular blooming happens much before the Kollavarsham calendar began so that this Laburnum flower’s tree is filled with yellow colored flowers. It is to be highly noted that Sakavarsham and Kalivarsham also immediately begin with Meda Vishu. According to Mathematical science, Vishu is regarded as the New Year also.

On the particular day of Vishu, which has astrological and geographical relevance, the Sun is strongly believed to have come directly above the line of Equator. It is to be remembered that in a year there are two phases namely Utharayanam and Dakshinayanam. The only two particular days in which the Sun rises on the line of the Equator are the Meda Vishu and Tula Vishu.

It is to be noted that the Vishu season is marked by the ripening season of the Mango and Jackfruit trees. It is the right time for harvesting the paddy and other vegetables like cucumber and other yellow or golden yellow colored vegetables across Kerala.

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, the day marks for beginning all the good ventures in personal and professional life because the calculation based on the star signs and other related aspects shows good symbol for all the better deeds of life.

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