How to prepare Vishukkani?

The most important event of Vishu is Vishukanni. It is strongly believed by the Hindu Malayalees that what one witness on the dawn of the New Year will largely decide the prosperity and luck for the coming year. Therefore Vishukanni is seen by the Malayalees on the auspicious day of Vishu.

Vishukanni is prepared by the eldest female of the family before the day of Vishu in the puja room of the house.

The traditional method of preparing the Vishukani is an age-old tradition and custom. In order to arrange the Kani, A reasonably sized Uruli (an open-mouthed shallow circular vessel, made out of bell metal) is used.  The Urali placed on the spread white kasavu pudava. It is filled with newly harvested rice. On the rice is systematically in order are placed the golden colored cucumber, betel leaves, reddish yellow colored ripe areca nut, ripe yellow jack fruit(halved), golden coloured mango fruit etc.

In front of the Uruli is placed the large sized mirror. Most of the Malayalees use the Aranmula Kannadi or Val-Kannadi because it is regarded as the right symbol of prosperity, wealth and good luck. The image or statue of Lord Vishu or Lord Krishna is place in front of the Mirror. The Kani is well-decorated with yellow flowers of the season and silver plus gold coins.

Mainly lamps made of halved coconut shells are lit around the Vishukanni. Even the normal lamps of the puja rooms are let up by the eldest member of the family. This same age-old tradition and custom of Vishukanni is perfectly followed by all the Malayalees throughout the state and rest of the world on this auspicious day.

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