Vishukkani Vili, a ritual of Vishu in Kerala

In the north Malabar region of Kerala, a practice prevalent that is traditional is Vishukkani Vili. This particular event involves children, who move in group or in large number from one house to the other within villages, shouting or calling ‘vishukaniye, vishukaniye.’

It is to be noted that when they arrive at different houses making out this particular call, the children are given a kind of rice cake known as the kaniyappam, they collect it by utilizing the fresh mid-rib of coconut leaf.

Vishukkani vili gives the opportunity for the children to take the centre-stage to have fun and joy in the form of an event. The elders and adults encourage them to have a lot of fun by giving them active coordination and cooperation in the success of the event by providing them with the rice cakes and other sweets that is prepared for the festival.

Apart from this event, the local astrologer of the locality arrives at each household and he would wholeheartedly handover the auspicious Vishu astrological prediction for the coming year that is well-written on coconut leaf. This annual prediction would carry matters that are pertaining to fluctuation in agriculture yields, availability of rain, other good fortunes in personal and professional life of each family members etc.

It is to be noted that Kaniyan who is the local astrologer of the village also predicts the auspicious day for all types of agriculture activities of the village in order to get good yield. It is to be remembered that most of the agricultural activities happens between the Vishu day and Pathamudayam that is the tenth day of the Malayalam month, Medam as per the local calendar written in Malayalam language.

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