Vishu Kanji, Vishu Katta: Breakfast on Vishu Festival

All the family members, with great desire consume Vishu Kanji or Vishu Katta on the day of Vishu as breakfast food item. The ingredients used for making this preparation are raw rice -2 1/2 cup ( unakkalari or pacha ari), grated coconut-5, Cumin seeds-1/2tsp and Salt-to taste. The cooking time taken is just one hour.

The method of preparing it is also so simple.

Grind the grated coconut with few drops of water in a blender for few minutes. Then extract coconut milk from the grinded paste (thick onnam palu) and filter it to make 3 cup.

After this process is done then take the cumin seeds and just rub with hand and add this to the coconut milk and keep it aside.

Then add few more glass of water and grind it again and perfectly extract thin coconut milk from it for making 8 1/2cup.

Take a vessel and wash the rice in it and keep it aside. Heat a vessel, add rice and coconut milk plus allow it to boil and get cooked softly.

Do stir it occasionally well so that it doesn’t thicken. When it is well cooked, add a pinch of salt for taste.

Vishu kanji or Vishu Katta is served in banana leaves or a steel plate.  It is had hot or cool according to the consumer’s wish. When it is cold, it is cut into pieces and had like a rice cake with side dish. When it is hot, it is had with cashew nut curry by all the Malayalees.

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