Vishu Kali & Vishu Kanhi

According to the local legends and astrologers, “Vishu also marks the occasion to find out the Kali Samkhya. This is based on the Samkhya philosophy of Hinduism concerning the material universe with all its movement of rotation, revolution, gravitation etc.

The morning of the first day of the Malayalam month Medam is considered relevant for calculating the Kali Samkhya and also for finding the Kali Samkhya for the first day of the following months.” This particular event is held in each and every household and in the temple.

This event is conducted by the head or eldest member of the family along with the local priest of the village. Even all the family members participate in this particular event with dedication and devotion.

On the auspicious day of Vishu, the breakfast includes Vishu Kanhi (rice porridge) and traditional vegetarian feast for the grand lunch. The preparation is done with active participation of male and female members of the household. Even the children and teenagers assist them in cutting the vegetables in the form of cubes for different curries and other food items. It is to be noted that the rice porridge for breakfast is made of jaggery, coconut and rice.

In north Malabar region, this breakfast dish is very popular during Vishu festival. On the other hand, for the feast during lunch, a special curry prepared with jack fruit known as Erissery and sweet mango form significant dishes for this festive occasion. Relatives and friends are called for the grand lunch at the household.

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