Yogesh Master arrested for derogatory remarks in his book about Lord Ganesha

Yogesh Master was arrested for derogatory remarks in his book about Lord Ganesha. The author Yogesh Master portrayed the relationship of Shiva, Parvati and Lord Ganesha in a highly objectionable manner.

It is not for the first time the literary attack is made on Hinduism, Hindu Gods and Hindu culture. Hindu organizations are urging for a severe punishment to Yogesh so that no one can dare to do so in future.

Deccan Herald reported..

The author of a controversial Kannada novel which reportedly made derogatory references to Lord Ganesha was arrested today on charge of hurting the sentiments of a community.

“Yes, the Kalasipalya police have arrested Yogesh Master who has authored the controversial novel,” DCP (West) Dr D C Rajappa told PTI here.

The book, “Dhundi; The story of a forester becoming Ganapathi” portrays the relationship of Shiva-Parvati-Ganesh in a highly objectionable manner, its critics and several Hindu organisations said.

The arrest followed a complaint lodged against the author seeking action against him for hurting the sentiments of the Hindu community.

Several Hindu outfits and religious leaders had demanded its withdrawal and threatened widespread protests against the author if the book, released on August 21, is sold. They also sought an unconditional apology from Yogesh.

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