Mahabharat Serial on Star Plus, Monday to Friday at 8.30 PM

Mahabharat on Star Plus

Mahabharat on Star Plus

Mahabharat Serial on Star Plus will be telecasted from today, 16 September 2013. And the Mahabharat serial timings are Monday to Friday at 8.30 PM.

Produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Swastik Productions, viewers will be amazed to see the grand sets, never seen before VFX, stunning locations and an ensemble cast. Starting this September 16th, get ready to watch the epic saga- Mahabharat in an all new avatar.

Making of Mahabharat Serial

Mahabharat is the epic tale of two great kingdoms that went to war against each other. Filled with strong characters, lavish palaces and a tale encompassing every possible range of emotion! This is a story of kingdoms, a story of sacrifice, a story of relationships and lastly a story bridging the gap between the Gods and man.

The most skilled people where chosen to make the narration of this tale perfect on TV. The sets, costumes and the action sequences are all set to take you back in time.

Nidhi Yasha, the costume designer for this grand program tells us “Not once, not twice but around twenty times we have styled the characters, they look test have been happening”.

The man behind the spectacular action sequences, Ram Shetty says “You must have never come across an action scene of this stature before.”

The set is a grand one! Attention to detail has been taken to make the set look authentic. Designer Umang Kumar says “We were making the biggest set, and it is going to be grand. We hope everyone likes it.”

How excited are you for the launch of Mahabharat? We certainly are! Make sure, you don’t miss a single episode of this great narrative, starting 16th September, every Monday to Friday at 8:30PM only on STAR Plus. According to the official website of Star Plus and the Mahabharat serial….

Characters of Mahabharat


Krishna is the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was dark skinned, charming and used the Sudharshan Chakra as his weapon of choice. He showed the Pandavas the way to victory in the this epic war. According to him everything was fair in war.


Arjun is the central figure of the Mahabharat and a great archer. He was very handsome and well built. He was agile, energetic and had swift reflexes. Along with this he had a lot of integrity. These qualities make him an ideal warrior. Mahabharat is a saga of his courage!


Draupadi was the wife of the Pandavs. Draupadi loved and respected everyone but could not stand injustice of any kind. She had a mind of her own and was confident. She could spellbind both men and women with her beauty. She was proud of the effect she could have on people. Mahabharat is a saga of her disgrace!


The meaning of Duryodhan is “hard to conquer”. He was extremely powerful and an excellent mace fighter. He walked with a lot of pride. He was ruthless to his enemies but loving towards friends and family. He was very vocal about his feelings.


Shakuni is Gandhari’s brother. Although he was intelligent he was devious and put his intelligence to bad use. He words were always sugar coated and filled with sarcasm. He had a hunched back hooked nose. His looks matched the content of his heart. Mahabharat is a saga of his revenge!


Satyavati was immensely beautiful girl. Her beauty if anything was celestial. In the beginning she was a simple and innocent girl however time changed her a lot. She turned into an ambitious person and changed drastically as a person in due course of time. Mahabharat, is a saga of her desire!


Gandhari was most known for her sacrifice of sight for the sake of her husband. She was a devout wife and a loving companion to her husband. She was not only ethical but also grounded. Mahabharat is a saga of her sacrifice!

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