Why should devotees be awake during Shivaratri



Why should devotees be awake during Shivaratri? Is there any particular reason for us to be awake on Mahashivaratri night?

Many devotees of Shiva perceive the Maha-Shrivarathi Festival, followed by rituals with honesty and affection. Throughout the day, the Lord Shiva devotees refrain from consuming food and they break their fast in the early morning, later the nightlong devotion.

Another significant festival feature is the ritual bath given to the Shivalinga in copious Shiva temples by Lord Shiva worshipper. Devotees believe that doing such rituals resolves all your past sins and you feel blessed. There are plenty of reasons why people celebrate Shivaratri that can be traced from the Puranas. Most devotees be awake during shivaratri, here’s why:

This all start when Devas and Asuras started churning of ocean to get ‘Amrit’. The churning of ocean contains toxic poison. At the same time, a roar came out of the ocean and frightened to demolish the universe and all human beings. During this panic time, Lord Vishnu remembers Lord Shiva who could save the world. No sooner, he asked Devas and Asuras to approach the Lord Shiva.

After learning about the situation, Lord Shiva decided to save the world by drinking the poison. He finally drank all the poison and saved the world from the disaster. Though poison have severe affect, to avoid this Lord Shiva did not slept the whole night. Lord Shiva was very blessed with people worships and deeds towards him. Knowing this, Lord Shiva announced that whoever worships Lord Shiva on this ritual day will get all their wishes fulfilled.

The prayer for Lord Shiva on this day continues throughout the night long vigil devotion. During this day, Lord Shiva is present with special food and fruits of the season, coconuts and root vegetables. Devotees, who observed fast, break their long fast with eating Prasad in the early morning.

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