Shivaratri Jagran, Lingodhbhavam: Significance, Spiritual Importance

Jagran or Jagaran is the major aspect of Shivaratri Vrat. Jagran is awaking the whole day and night during Shivaratri. What is the significance and spiritual importance of Shivaratri Jagarana? As per the Shiva Puranam and Linga Puranam, ‘Lingodhbhavam, the emergence of Lord Shiva from the base like structure. To watch the auspicious event in […]

What to do on Shivarathri?

The devotees of Shiva perform various religious activities such as Rudraabhishekam (an activity where the devotees pour 108 urns of water and other liquids on the lingam) while reciting the phrases from the holy texts and worshipping with Bilva Patra (a type of leaf). Another aspect of Mahashivratri is that devotees after fasting for the […]

Shivaratri Upvaas | Why observe Fasting on Mahashivaratri?

Fasting in the auspicious day of Shivaratri would be done by the devotees towards seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva. Throughout India, many devotees observe the Shivaratri fast. They used to visit the Shiva temples and worship the Shivalinga and perform abhishekham and deeparadhana to the holy god. They wound meditate and observe fast throughout […]

Maha Shivaratri Lingodbhava Kalam Timings, 18 February 2023

Lingodbhava Kalam is the auspicious time for Maha Shivaratri Shiva Puja. In 2023, Maha Shivaratri Lingodbhava Kalam Time will be on 18 February 2023 midnight, Thursday midnight (the early hours of 19 February according to Gregorian / English calendar). Maha Shivratri or Shivaratri is the most revered night dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shivalinga puja is […]

Shivaratri Jatara at Vemulawada Rajarajeshwara Swamy Temple

Shivaratri is a major festival at Vemulawada Rajarajeshwara Swamy temple in Karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh. In 2022, Shivaratri date is March 1 and the Shivratri Jathara will be celebrated on February 28, March 1 and March 2. Shivaratri Jatara or a fair is celebrated here in this temple for 3 days, starting on the […]

Herath 2023 (Shivaratri Festival) of Kashmiri Pandits

Herath (Shivaratri) is one of the most important festivals celebrated by Kashmiri Pundits on Trayodashi or the thirteenth of the dark half of the Phalguna month (February–March) and not on chaturdashi or the fourteenth as in the rest of the country. In 2023, Herath date is February 18. The reason for it is that this […]

Shivaratri Vratha Vidhulu (Telugu)

Shivaratri Vratha Vidhulu is explained here in Telugu. What to do on Mahashivaratri, why should we perform particular ritual on Mahashivaratri is explained here in Telugu.. శివరాత్రినాడు చేయవలసిన విధులు 1. ఉపవాసం – భక్తి లేకుండా నిరాహారంగా రోజు గడిపివేస్తే అది ఉపవాసం కాదు. జీవాత్మను పరమాత్మ సన్నిధిలోకి తీసుకుని వెళ్ళాలి. అంటే, మన మనస్సు, మాట, చేష్టలు ఆ పరమశివుని కోసమే ఉండాలి. మనస్సులో […]

Maha Shivaratri, A day of being awake for Hindus

Every year in the month of February or March as per the Georgian calendar or on the 13th night/14th day of the Maagha or Phalguna month of the Hindu traditional calendar, Maha Shivratri is one of the foremost and important Hindu festivals. It is grandly celebrated in reverence of Lord Shiva. It is to be […]

Mahashivaratri 2023 Live from Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi

You can watch live darshan of Kashi Vishwanath Temple during Maha Shivaratri 2022 celebrations. Varanasi Shiva temple attracts lakhs of devotees on Maha Shivaratri, the biggest festival dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shivaratri 2023 date is February 18. The temple will be opened for devotees after performing Mangla Aarti. The Sanctum Sanctorum will be closed for […]

Why should a devotee visit Lord Shiva Temple?

Shiva is one of the most prominent Hindu deities and known as “Destroyer” among Trimurti. The temples of Shiva can be found every city of India. Kashi, the most sacred city of India is said to be the favourite of Shiva. Prominently Shiva is worshipped as in the form of Lingam (phallus) rather than his […]

Significance of Sankalpam on Shivaratri

Sankalpa means taking our consciousness to the universe, to the infinite; and then bringing the mind to the present moment, and making a wish for something that you long for in your mind. That is what Sankalpa is. In taking Sankalpa, you keep something and then you pray for something. All the Yagnas and Poojas start with the […]

Why should devotees be awake during Shivaratri

Why should devotees be awake during Shivaratri? Is there any particular reason for us to be awake on Mahashivaratri night? Many devotees of Shiva perceive the Maha-Shrivarathi Festival, followed by rituals with honesty and affection. Throughout the day, the Lord Shiva devotees refrain from consuming food and they break their fast in the early morning, […]

Shivaratri Puja Mantras: Stotras, Prayers to chant during Mahashivratri Puja Procedure

Shivaratri puja is one of the auspicious Hindu rituals to perform on Mahashivratri. There are some simple Shiva Mantras or stotras or prayers to chant during Shivaratri puja procedure. It is to note that Mahashivaratri 2016 date is March 7. Bilvashtakam, Lingshtakam, Shiva Astakam, Shiva Panchakshari mantram, Shiva Chalisa, Shiva Aarti, Shiva Sahasranama stotram are […]

Edupayala Jatara during Shivaratri, Yedupayala Mahashivaratri Jatara

Shivaratri is the major festival celebrated at Edupayala Vanadurga Shiva Temple. During Mahashivaratri, three-day fair or Jatara is held at Yedupayala in Medak district of Andhra Pradesh. In 2022, Shivaratri date is March 1. A large number of devotees take holy dip in Manjira River where seven streams of Manjira (a tributary of Godavari River) […]

Shivaratri Puja in Srisailam Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple

Shivaratri is observed on Magha Shukla Chaturdashi, the fourteenth day in Magha masam. In 2022, Mahashivaratri date is March 1. Shivaratri is celebrated in a grand manner in all Jyothirlingas in India. Among the 12 prominent abodes of Lord Shiva (Dwadasha Jyothirlingas), Srisailam is the most significant Shiva Shakti kshetram which is also known as […]

Srikalahasti Temple Brahmotsavam, Shivaratri Puja at Kalahasti Shiva Temple in Andhra Pradesh

Srikalahasti Kalahasthishwara swamy Temple is a famous Shiva temple in Andhra Pradesh and also known as one of the Panchabhoota Sthala, the five primordial temples of Lord Shiva. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated with utmost gaiety in Kalahasti temple. During Shivaratri, Brahmotsavam is observed for 14 days. Every day Lord Kalahastishwara and his consort Gnana Prasunambika are […]

Video – Maha Shivaratri Puja Vidhi, How to perform Shiva Pooja at Home

Video – Maha Shivaratri Puja Vidhi – How to perform Shiva Pooja at Home is explained here in this video. Maha Shivaratri Vratham is an auspicious puja dedicated to Lord Shiva, observed on Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi in Magha Month of Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati and Kannada calendars and in Falgun Month of North Indian Hindi calendars. Shivaratri […]

Mahashivaratri, 17 February 2015

Shiva Jalabhishekam

17 February 2015 is Mahashivaratri. It is observed on Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi in Magha Month of Amavasyant calendar and in Falgun Month as per North Indian Hindi calendar (Purnimant Panchang). What is Maha Shivaratri? Why is Shivaratri celebrated? In the Puranas many stories and legends explain the origin and significance of the festival Maha Shivaratri. […]