Bhakthi TV’s Koti Deepothsavam in Hyderabad

Koti Deepothsavam is celebrated in Hyderabad by Bhakthi TV from 28 October 2019 to 26 November 2019 during Karthika Masam.

Bhakti TV is one of the famous Telugu spiritual & devotional TV channel which is making tremendous attempts to spread Hinduism.

Laksha Deepotsavam is a common ritual performed during Karthika Masam in many temples like Srisailam Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple, Sringeri Sharada Temple, etc.. But Koti Deepothsavam, lighting more than one crore diyas (deepams – 10 Million diyas), is a unique celebration of its kind.

Koti Deepotsavam begins at 5 PM on 8 November at NTR Stadium Grounds, Hyderabad. Thousands of devotees are expected to participate in the event.

Bhakti TV will telecast this religious event live from 5 PM onwards on 8 November.

But in 2012, Laksha Deepotsavam was performed only on one day on the occasion of Karthika Somavaram (Monday in Kartik Month).

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    We want to participate in Koti Depotsavam as a valinter. How can i proceed?

  2. priyanka says:

    i want tickets to particepate plz issue me

  3. Aswani says:

    I wanted to participate in the event.plz tell how to get entry tickets

  4. Jagannadh Rao Mangalampalli says:

    Celebration of Koti Deepotsavam in Hyderabad, the brain-child of Sri Narendra Choudhary, is, undoubtedly, a unique item which adds something to the city. It will be nice if the complete year-wise history of the annual-event be put in a web-site, adding year by year with items like the details of the saints honoured every year. I am sure such a thing will be a good volume in store.

  5. Y.mounika says:

    I want passes six on Saturday evening VIP please issue me

  6. kavya naram says:

    Could you please provide me with 4 or 6 passes for my parents?

  7. Padmakar says:

    I wanted to participate with my any tkts.are there to purchase.if there pl guide me