Visiting Temples | Scientific & Spiritual Significance

Murudeshwar Temple Gopuram

Murudeshwar Temple Gopuram

We would get lot of benefits from spiritual aspects as well as from scientific point of view by visiting temples. One of the best reasons in visiting the temples is that we would get positive energy from those holy places, and our body organs would be well activated. The deity of the almighty is situated in the Garbhagriha, and by visiting the Garbhagriba, and by worshipping the almighty, large amount of magnetic waves would be passed into our body, which would heal diseases like nervous disorders and muscular disorders etc.

By walking inside the temples through our bare foot, the nerves in our legs would become stronger, and due to that, we would get more strength in our legs. By ringing the temple bell, we would get great spiritual energy, we would get good thoughts in our mind, and positive vibration would flow from top to bottom of our body. By offering holy flowers to the deities, the fragrance present in the flowers would give mental peacefulness and happiness. Similarly while showing Agarbattis and Camphor to the deities, the divine light present in those items, would give us confidence, hope and good luck.

When we drink Thulasi theertham in the temples, we would get relieved from cough, cold and fever, since Thulasi leaves removes various ailments from our body.Similarly, while applying the sacred ash, kumkum and sandal paste in our forehead, we would get freshness in our face, which we cannot get even if we apply lot of powder on our face.

If we have the Darshan of the deities in the temples, all of our bad habits like lust, anger, greed and selfishness would run away from our body, and we would become more pious and holy.Hence lot of significance are there by visiting the temples from scientific as well as from the spiritual aspects.


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