Visiting Small Temples & Big Temples

We would have read in newspapers and in electronic media about rich people travelling to various countries for sight-seeing purpose and as a pleasure journey. For the purpose of entertainment activity, most of the rich men are spending lot of money for relaxing themselves in foreign countries. But actually by doing that, they would not get permanent mental satisfaction. Instead of that, they can visit lot of small and big temples, and thank to the almighty, since he is the one who made them to born in this world, and had gifted lot of riches to them.

Some people would do some peculiar things in order to enter their name in the Guinness World Records. Doing such an activity would some time take away their lives also. But instead of that, they can visit lot of temples/churches/mosques, and can record it as a video and can produce before the Guinness World Records. By doing such an activity, they can get blessings from the almighty as well as they can get praised by the people also.But still some people would be having lot of interest to visit the temples nearby their area, and some people would even visit every nook and corner of their city, to find out big and small temples, and would eagerly offer worship to the holy deities.

Actually god has created us for thanking and honouring him. But most of us are not aware of that, and just for name sake, simply we are offering our worship to the deities.Ignoring the worship of the god, would doesn’t make any harm to the god, but we would be the ultimate losers in our life.

In the Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna says, “Worship me, thank me, and chant my names, then you would be always blessed and protected by me”. Likewise if we make our regular prayers, then god would be convinced with us, and definitely he would do wonders in our life.

Let us pray to the almighty wholeheartedly and visit his temples as much as possible and be blessed.


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