Vishvavara Atreyi | Daughter of Sage Atreya

Vishvavara Atreyi was the daughter of Sage Atreya and her importance were mentioned in the ancient Puranas. She was born in a village in the present day North India. She has contributed some portions of texts in the Rig Veda (5.28). She had learnt all the Vedic texts under the guidance of her father Rishi Atreya.

Sage Atreyi was a pious and chaste woman and it is believed that she would have been born during the 6th century BC. She worked as a devotional poet for several kings, and she was well appreciated for her talents. She also served as a Court poet of King Gandhara. She had shared her spiritual knowledge with her disciples, and all of them contained great knowledge in Divine texts, and they were also praised by the kings similar to their Guru Atreyi.

The names are as follows:


1. Agnimala
2. Bhuja
3. Jamini
4. Parameshwari
5. HaritaKumari
6. Shankari
7. Manivelani
8. Soundaryi
9. Swedhini


She was an ancient sage and a great Poet in Sanskrit. Through her divine poems, she provided feast to the ears of the listeners.She doesn’t distinguish between rich and poor, good and bad, with regard to sharing her divine knowledge. Her works are still valuable to the scholars, and it is believed that she had lived for more than 100 years.

Apart from penning divine poems on Lord Shiva, she also was specialized in dance, music and astrology. She used to tell the fortune to the people, through her spiritual knowledge. She was interested in doing meditation and yoga, and also a great yoga trainer.

Through her divine knowledge, she also cured the diseases of the people by singing songs on Lord Shiva. She used to give Ayurveda medicines to the people who suffer from prolonged illness and healed their dreaded diseases by gently touching them through her divine hands.


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