Vishvavara Atreyi | Daughter of Sage Atreya

Vishvavara Atreyi was the daughter of Sage Atreya and her importance were mentioned in the ancient Puranas. She was born in a village in the present day North India. She has contributed some portions of texts in the Rig Veda (5.28). She had learnt all the Vedic texts under the guidance of her father Rishi […]

Atreya Rishi | Atreya Vrittantha

Atreya Rishi was a descendant of Sage Atri and his importance are described in the ancient Puranas. He was born in Takshashila, Gandhara in the present day Pakistan. Sage Atreya was a great physician of Ayurveda and he wrote the famous book Bhela Samhita on 6th century BC. He worked as a physician for several […]