Unstable Life

Our present day life is covered with full of uncertainty, miseries and sorrows, and this is mainly due to the fast changing situations, and due to the living habits and the thinking patterns of the people.

Most of the people are becoming only selfish and not as selfless. They are thinking only about their own problems, and never bothering about others. Even some people are not showing their concern to their close relatives also. They are not helping their near and dear people, and whenever they seek any help, they are not lending their helping hands on them, and instead of that, they are telling them to suffer for their past karmic deeds.

Some rich relatives are treating their poor relatives very badly, and even if they go to their homes for attending any functions, they are not even providing proper food to them, and they are hurting their minds, by asking irrelevant questions, and if they are not able to answer to their questions, they would laugh at them, and speak badly about them to others. But actually that is not correct, since life is a circle, and anything may happen at any time, and in course of time even the rich can become poor and they may also suffer in their life, and even their life may also end shortly.

People must adopt kindness, gentleness and straightforwardness in their life, in order to succeed in their life. Only, if we have good habits like generosity, love and affection over the sufferers, and if we do the needful to them, we would get peacefulness, and permanent mental satisfaction in our life, and we would be blessed by the almighty for our good deeds. Without helping anybody, and simply if we keep thinking only about us, there is no use in living at all, and in course of time, no one would be with us to console us in case of our difficult times, and we would have to face the worst situation in our life.

Helping others means there is no need of giving our entire money to others, and according to our financial position, whenever we come across any poor people who are in need of our help, we can give our help to them. Apart from helping others, parents also must treat their children alike, and must not show partiality between them.

Some children may come forward in their life, and they would have become wealthy, whereas, their other children would not have studied well, and even they would have discontinued their studies, and for those dull students, parents support is very much needed, they must give proper advices to them, and even if they are not able to come up in their life, they have to lend their helping hand, and ask them to start some small business and provide money to them, and must motivate them on their path, and also they have to ask them to pray to the almighty in order to overcome from their troubles.

In general, let us treat others as the forms of god, show our great respect to everybody and even to our enemies, pray to the great almighty and be blessed.


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