Student should have 3 qualities – Aashishta, Balishta & Driddhishta

Student should have 3 qualities – Aashishta, Balishta & Driddhishta…Gurudev, when you were addressing the students at Sri Sri University, you mentioned that a student should have three qualities: aashishta, balishta and driddhishta. Can we nurture these three qualities while in school?

Yes. Aashishta means having complete faith.

Driddhishta means to have stability, and to have firm determination. Many people have desires, but they do not always have the determination to work for and fulfil those desires. If someone’s personality lacks stability and determination, then they become unsteady and succumb to the ups and downs in life. You may tend to go into extremes – either you may go very low or you may suddenly soar high into the skies. So you need stability to remain steady and equanimous.

Balishta means to be strong. It means to develop strength in all aspects of personality. There are different kinds of strength. Knowledge is a strength. Love is a strength. Compassion and a sense of belongingness is also a strength. Forgiveness is a strength. Strength does not only mean having a lot of money. All the virtues and positive qualities within you are your strengths.

Whether you imbibe these in playschool, or school or college; you must definitely acquire and imbibe these qualities. And first you must take this sankalpa for yourself that you will definitely inculcate and nurture these qualities. First sow the seed (of sankalpa), then it will definitely grow into a tree.

Note – Its an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s satsung at Art of Living.

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