Thirupampuram Temple: Pampuranathar & Seshapureeswarar Temple

Thirupampuram a small village on the south banks of river Cauvery which flows through entire Thanjavur delta. This place is 59th on the list of temples mentioned in Dewaram and the place previously known as Seshapuram and Pampuram.

This place is visited by Adhisesha worshiped Lord Shiva and there is a belief those who got Naga dosham visits the temple, get it alleviated. The place is parikala sthalam for Raghu and those who have no heirs visit the temple for pariharam and will be blessed with a new born.

Sthalapuranam of Thirupampuram Temple (Legend behind the origin, significance of the temple)

According to a legend once Adhisesha who has the earth on his shoulder for thousands of years visited the Lord Shiva on the Himalayas and wanted his energy and power back. Lord Shiva blessed him and told him to visit the places on Shiva temples on the banks of Cauvery.

Taking the advice of Lord Shiva Adhisesha visited the temples on Mahashivratri day on the first Kumbakonam, second Thirunageshwaram, Third Thirupampuram, and finally Nagore and worshipped the Lord Shiva and gets back his power and energy.

Nine serpents have worshipped the main deity here and this place being worshipped by Adhisesha has tank named after him and those who take holy dip in the theertham will get all wealth and their sins will be done away. This place the snake is still believed to be living in Sanctum Sanctorum. The miracle in this village nobody has been bitted by snakes and died

The temple is built on three tiered Rajagopuram has a Vinayagar Shrine, Nandi are there, then on the south of temple side are the shrines for Tirumalaiyeeswarar, Lord Muruga with his two consorts, and the temple sthala Viruksham vanni are there and on the North side of the goddess Vandarkuzhali in a separately in a shrine.

There is also separate shrine and structure for all gods in Shiva temples. The god after his marriage with goddess in Tiruveezeemhizhalai is believed to be blessed the devotees in this place in the wedding posture. Those who visit the temple here can see the vimanam of the veezeenathar.

Mahashivratri being a special day for Lord Shiva is celebrated with custom with special poojas done for Adhisesha also.

Lord name: Sri Pampuranathar (Pampureshwarar).

Consort: Vandharkuzhali or Bhramarambigai.

Theertham: Adhisesha theertham.

Sthala viruksham: Vanni

How to get there (Thirupampuram Temple)?

Take Kumbakonam to karaikkal bus alight at Aiyyanagudi stop from this, the temple is four KM away.

Those coming from Mayavaram side, land at Kollumangudi then get a bus to the temple from Karaikkal to Kumbakonam bus stopping above place to reach the temple.

Those who come by vehicles can reach the temple taking above routes with roads in good condition and easy to ride, safe.

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