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Thanjavur Painting

Thanjavur Painting

Thanjavur painting is a popular art form, which was founded in Thanjavur (also called as Tanjore). This form of art was first introduced during the 15th century AD, where the Nayakas and Rayas of Thanjavur were encouraged the arts like painting, dance and music, and they also patronised the spiritual writings written by the great saints and poets like Vyasaraja, Purandaradasa and Kanaka Dasa, who are also the divine amshas of the almighty.

Thanjavur paintings have become popular due to its simplistic and attractive style, and due to its rich outlook which would be normally painted with different colours. In these types of paintings, we can see the real face of the gods and goddesses, and sometimes we may feel that the original god itself is dwelling in the picture. Sometimes these paintings would be covered with rich gems, in order to make it to look attractive.In some ancient temples also, we can find the pictures of Tanjore paintings, and can enjoy the divine beauty in that. Ancient kings had encouraged this type of art form, and they have given lot of wealth to the artisans.

We can still see the Tanjore paintings displayed in some big hotels, big bungalows and also in the homes of art lovers. Even the Mughal emperors like Akbar, have patronised this art form, and they have also enjoyed the divine form in those paintings. Tanjore paintings would steal the heart of the Bhagavatas, Upasakas and the common man. Among the various Tanjore paintings, Child Krishna’s paintings are considered as very attractive, and most of the people would willingly buy the Tanjore paintings of Lord Krishna.

Still even today, some people take painting as their full time career, and they are also shining in that field. The main thing for taking this art form requires lot of patience, skill and bhakti. We must understand the GOLDEN WORDS, “EVERYTHING CAN BE MADE POSSIBLE WITH THE GRACE OF THE GOD”.


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