Ancient Coins of India

ram darbar coin ancient coins of india

ram darbar coin ancient coins of india

Ancient coins of India were made out of gold and silver, and it would contain the faces of the kings and queens. During British period, we can find the faces of the British Viceroys and big officials in the coins. Alexandar the great had affixed various Greek gods and goddesses in the coins, in order to honour them. At the present period, coins contain the Ashoka Chakra emblem, and it was in practice for several years.

In ancient history, we can find that the kings have awarded lot of gold coins to the poets, as a token of praising their knowledge. In Puranas, it was mentioned that divine avatars like Rama and Krishna were introduced gold coins, and it was used similar to currency notes, during that period. Some people would be having the hobby of collecting ancient coins and they would preserve it in their wooden cupboard, and some of them would give it to the concerned government department.

In ancient history it was mentioned, that some kings used to conduct war in some small kingdoms, in order to loot the gold and silver coins. Ancient Kings and Bhagavathas like Dhruva and Prahalada, had distributed gold and silver coins to the poor people, in order to make them to run their family, without any difficulty. Karna in Mahabharata used to donate gold coins as well as gold vessels to the people, in order to remove the poverty in their lives.

At this present period, gold coins and gold bars are being purchased only by rich people, and most of them would preserve it in the bank safety lockers. During the 20th century, major portion of the gold coins and silver coins were replaced by currency notes, and people are using it for purchasing things for them.

For production of coins, it takes lot of time and also the cost of production is high. Currency notes are easy to carry, and we can put it in our purse whenever we go outside for shopping or for any other purpose. But however, gold coins cannot be forgotten by us, since it was widely used by the people of ancient India.We should always remember the beautiful proverb, “OLD IS GOLD”.


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