Ancient Coins of India

Ancient coins of India were made out of gold and silver, and it would contain the faces of the kings and queens. During British period, we can find the faces of the British Viceroys and big officials in the coins. Alexandar the great had affixed various Greek gods and goddesses in the coins, in order […]

Maravuri | Clothes made of Bark of Tree

Maravuri is a type of dress which is made out of the bark of a tree, usually wore by ancient sages and saints and mainly during their time of living in the forest. Lord Rama when he was in forest during his exile period, used to wore Maravuri along with Lakshmana, and had only fruits, […]


Yakshagana is an ancient theatre art, which is performed in some states of Karnataka and Kerala. The performers of Yakshagana would combine dance, music and drama in a different form. It is believed that this type of art was started during the medieval period. Yakshagana performers would perform wonderful plays from Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavata […]

Thanjavur Doll

navaratri bommai golu

The Thanjavur doll is an ancient type of doll, which looks very attractive for its peculiar characteristic features, and it is very much liked by the young children.In general, this type of doll portrays in dancing form, and the heads of the doll would keep oscillating.Still these types of dolls are popular among the people […]

Ancient Martial Arts

Martial Art is an art of handling weapons. This type of art is in practice since the previous Dwapara Yuga. In the Mahabharata, it was mentioned, that Guru Dhrona taught Martial arts to the Pandavas and Kauravas during their young age. King Alexandar, Ashoka and Chandragupta were also well trained in martial arts, and due […]

Theyyam | Dance form in Kerala, Karnataka

Theyyam is a famous form of dance in Kerala and Karnataka. Theyyam follows ancient traditions and customs. The performers of Theyyam occupy an important part in Theyyam dance.This art form is also considered similar to the Kathakali dance. It is believed that through this Theyyam dance, the performers act as a mediator between the devotees […]

Tanjore Painting | Thanjavur Painting

Thanjavur painting is a popular art form, which was founded in Thanjavur (also called as Tanjore). This form of art was first introduced during the 15th century AD, where the Nayakas and Rayas of Thanjavur were encouraged the arts like painting, dance and music, and they also patronised the spiritual writings written by the great […]