Maravuri | Clothes made of Bark of Tree

Maravuri Rama Lakshmana

Maravuri Rama Lakshmana

Maravuri is a type of dress which is made out of the bark of a tree, usually wore by ancient sages and saints and mainly during their time of living in the forest. Lord Rama when he was in forest during his exile period, used to wore Maravuri along with Lakshmana, and had only fruits, greens and vegetables as his daily food. Saintly people are wearing this Maravuri as a simple dress, and also to prove their sanctity. The great Pancha Pandavas also wore Maravuri when they were in the forest, during the time of their exile period.

Ancient people used to wear Maravuri before introduction of various kinds of dress materials. Still some tribal people would wear Maravuri and bunch of big leaves taken out from the trees. Maravuri would be prepared only from holy trees, and hence by wearing it, the saintly people would get more spiritual energy. It also helps to do deep meditation in the forest, and removes the negative aspects in our mind, and also gives more concentration.

Similar to Rama, when the ancient kings after ruling their kingdom for several years, were about to leave their kingdom, would remove all their rich clothes, and used to wear only Maravuri. The great Harishchandra, when he lost everything and become a pauper, he wore only Maravuri, and start doing his work as a helper to the burial ground owner.

Great sages like Vishwamitra, Atri and Gouthama and child devotees like Prahalada, Dhruva and Markandeya used to wear Maravuri only during the time of their meditation. It is believed that even the great Parashurama used to wear Maravuri, and he is still doing penance on Lord Shiva in the holy Mountain Himalayas.

But at this present situation, no one is wearing this holy Maravuri, since some people would laugh at them, and would give derogatory remarks on them. But when we decide the settle down our life in the Himalayan mountain ranges, we can eagerly wear this Maravuri and can enjoy our life by doing penance on Lord Shiva.


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