Talk To God

Lord Krishna deity in ISKCON temple

Lord Krishna deity in ISKCON temple

Whenever if we find any difficulty to talk with others, let us talk to god, to put our burdens on his shoulders and let us make him as our best friend, and by doing that, we could bury our worry. We can’t talk with others whenever we decides, since people in a worried mood would not be interested to talk with us, and even sometimes, our own parents, wife and our children would turn into our enemies, would hate us, and they might also ignore us. But we are always allowed to talk with the god by seeing his picture, since god only prefers to talk with us at any time, at least in our imagination, without any hesitation.

No one can be considered as a best companion to us except god. God only would act as our best companion and he would come with us in all walks of our life. At the present day world, selfishness, pride and jealously prevails in the mind of most of the people. Some people try to commit any sort of crimes for the purpose of grabbing money from others. Hence, my humble request to the readers is, not to talk about their personal matters to others, and especially with strangers. Since some people if they knew about our personal information and about our weaknesses, then surely they would try to take away our belongings even by the way of killing us by adopting some cunning methods, such as giving slow poison, applying black magic and making us to become drunkard etc. Whereas, if we tell about our personal secrets to Lord Krishna, then with a mesmerising smile, he would give calmness to us, and also,he would never disclose our secrets to others.

If anyone lives alone, then they need not feel that they stays alone, they should always be aware, that Bhagavan Krishna stays with us in our soul permanently, and by realising him fully, we could knew about his wonderful interaction with us.

The great Krishna devotees, like Mirabai, Sakkubai and Ramabai have informed their problems to Lord Krishna, and as a result, they were able to easily come out from those problems.Hence, let us befriend Lord Krishna in order to share our plus and minus with him, by considering him as our best friend.


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