Sarhul Festival 2023 in Bihar & Odisha

Sarhul is the biggest tribal festival celebrated in Odisha, Jharkhand, and Bihar. This is known as the festival of flowers. Sarhul is observed by Mundas, Orans and Santhal communities during the onset of spring season or Vasant rithu. Sarhul festival 2023 date is March 24. The Santhal community celebrates the festival as Baha in February […]

Nagoba Jathara 2022 | Nagoba Jatara at Keslapur in Telangana

Nagoba Jathara is a five-day annual Jatara or Fair celebrated at Keslapur Nagoba Temple in Indravelli mandal of Adilabad district, Telangana. In 2022, Nagoba Jathara begins on February 1. The Mandagajili puja and Betal puja will be held on February 3 and 4 respectively. The presiding deity of Keslapur temple is Seshanag (Serpent God) with […]

Garia Puja during Chaitra Month, Baisakh Month in Tripura

Garia Puja is traditional tribal festival celebrated in Tripura during Chaitra month and Baisakh month. It is the one of the major festivals of the state. Garia Puja is dedicated to worship tribal God ‘Garia, the deity of livestock and wealth. This puja is mainly observed by Jhumias – people who follow jhum cultivation on […]