Garia Puja during Chaitra Month, Baisakh Month in Tripura

Garia Puja is traditional tribal festival celebrated in Tripura during Chaitra month and Baisakh month. It is the one of the major festivals of the state. Garia Puja is dedicated to worship tribal God ‘Garia, the deity of livestock and wealth.

This puja is mainly observed by Jhumias – people who follow jhum cultivation on hill areas. On this day Goddess Shakti is also worshipped and some people also perform Vishnu Puja.

On Garia Puja day, the tribal people of Tripura worship a bamboo pole that represents the Lord Garia. The Lord is adorned with flower garlands and worshipped with utmost gaiety and pomp. According to the age old traditions of tribals, Garia is pleased with sacrificing and presenting fowl and its blood to him. Gariya pooja is celebrated as per the Ochai instructions.

Garia Puja begins on the last day of Chaitra month and the main festival takes place on seventh day of Baisakh month (Baisakh Saptami).

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  1. Susumna says:

    when will garia puja 2013 in tripura end

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    which month is chiatra month baisakh month in 2013