Thriketa, Sixth day of Onam Festivities – 17 August 2021

The sixth day of Onam is known as Thriketa. It is to be noted that several cultural programs are well organized by the committees in the villages, towns and cities. In 2021, Thriketa Onam date is August 17.

Malayali does usually take a lot of keen interest in participating in activities and functions of Onam carnivals on this day.

On this day, no ritual is conducted in any major or minor temples and households. On the already laid floral carpet more flowers are added in order to give it a new looks and design by the women folks, youngsters and children. This is the right day for family reunion. Most of the Malayali’s who are residing in other part of the state and abroad visit their native home in Kerala. The luggage’s are well packed and taken home with special gifts and necessary items.

In each and every household, the preparation of Thiruvonam can be witnessed everywhere. On this onwards, most of the schools, colleges and university along with the state government offices are declared holidays for Onam celebration. The issue of holiday notification is circulated too.

In most of the household, people are eagerly expecting the day of Thiruvonam. The family members along with the head decide about the various plans and course of action that need to be taken during the next day’s towards Thiruvonam. The head of the family gives permission to all the family members to participate and air their views and suggestions in order to improve the Onam carnival. One can witness the joy and enthusiasm regarding the festival.

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