Significance of Meditation (Dhyanam)

To be born as a human being is a rare privilege he is provided with the golden opportunity to sharpen his intellect and get inspired and enlightened. Man can make an endeavour to learn and achieve a goal. Otherwise, the purpose of his birth may be lost. The spiritual power within should be awakened and […]

Keep Meditating on Lord Shiva

Let us keep meditating on Lord Shiva, since Shiva himself is doing that holy act, for our well-being. It is also easy to chant “SHIVA”, “SHIVA”, and we can also frequently chant the “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” mantra, as much as possible. Lord Shiva is considered to be the first and foremost Rishi and he is […]

Samadhi – A form of Deep Meditation

Guru Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam

Samadhi is a form of deep meditation, and through that, we can attain great happiness and cheerfulness, which we would not get anywhere else. It can be obtained through constant practice of meditation, and keeping great devotion on the almighty. Through the stage of Samadhi, we can realize the god in our heart, and we […]

What is the Secret of Meditation?

What is the Secret of Meditation? Sri Sri Ravishankar (Art of Living) explaining the secret of meditation in his own words during a Satsang… There are three types of space. One is the external space, in which all the four elements are there. The second type of space is the inner space where thoughts and […]

What is Samadhi ?

What is Samadhi? We more often hear the word ‘Samadhi’ when it comes to Swamijis, Saints, Sadhus, Sadgurus, etc. Sri Sri Ravishankar of Art of Living explaining the word Samadhi in his words here… Dhi means the intellect and Samadhi means where the mind is in total equanimity; where your whole system is in total balance, that is […]