Significance of Meditation (Dhyanam)

To be born as a human being is a rare privilege he is provided with the golden opportunity to sharpen his intellect and get inspired and enlightened. Man can make an endeavour to learn and achieve a goal. Otherwise, the purpose of his birth may be lost. The spiritual power within should be awakened and directed towards obtaining the divine Bliss. Life without an aim may be a waste as a diamond in the hands of a fisherman.

According to a parable, a fisherman seeing the stock of fish depleting in the place he usually angled, switched on to a new pond where he caught a bundle of stones. Not realising that they were pure games, he allowed his son to play with them. The body threw the “pebbles” one by one onto the lake till one day, his mother thought of selling one or two to procure in return, family rations. Only the purchaser could assess their worth.

Sages had laid down the ways to seek God and hus direct human activities for securing spiritual benefits. They prescribed meditation as a mean to seek truth but in the process, they had cautioned man not to collect garbage. Meditation is integrated process to acquire knowledge of the Brahman (The Absolute).

In a discourse, Swami Ishwarananda Giri of  “Samvit Sadhanayana”(Mount Abu) explained how meditation was a “Sadhana” to  seek God. It could not be sold or purchased but it implied an approach consisting of Bhakthi, Shradda, Dhyana and Yoga. Meditation connoted fixing one’s mind on a specified object, may be anything. To whatever subject one might apply his mind, it would reveal itself. Meditation should be centralised on truth and on transcendental values.

A foreigner who took to this step, sat erect and adopted the correct posture but concentrated on helicopters as he is working as an engineer in a factory manufacturing them. He said he got several ideas about their techniques. Hence meditation should not drag one to the mental plane. For this a mantra like the Gayatri, has been recommended and meditating with its help after knowing its importance, would fetch peace within and help one to be in touch with pure divine consciousness. But meditation required intense practice and observance of rules, as “Shradda” could not be learnt through textbooks.

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