What is Samadhi ?

What is Samadhi? We more often hear the word ‘Samadhi’ when it comes to Swamijis, Saints, Sadhus, Sadgurus, etc. Sri Sri Ravishankar of Art of Living explaining the word Samadhi in his words here…

Dhi means the intellect and Samadhi means where the mind is in total equanimity; where your whole system is in total balance, that is called Samadhi.

Body, mind, spirit, everything is in such coordination and serenity. There are so many different types of Samadhi.

One is called Laya Samadhi, which is like, when there is some music going on and you are completely dissolved into it. You know you are but you don’t know where you are.
Then there is Pragya SamadhiAsamprajnata Samadhi, etc.

Also, there is a Samadhi where thoughts are there, ideas are there but you are very tranquil. And there is a Samadhi where there are no thoughts, just a feeling is there.
So there are many different types of Samadhi.

It is said that the joy of Samadhi is described as – in one moment of Samadhi there is a million years of rest‘Koti Kalpa Vishram’ – million years of rest in a moment, is Samadhi.

It is also described that the pleasure in one moment of Samadhi is equivalent to one thousand units of sex.

So why celibacy happens to a Yogi is very natural. You don’t need to make an effort to be celibate; you don’t need another body to rub yourself on to find ecstasy. You just sit and there is a heightened joy and bliss that just wells up within you.
That is why celibacy is not a practice that you do; it is a happening wherein every cell of your body is in a sort of thrill and bliss. And bliss is what you try to achieve in sex. I hear sometimes one achieves bliss and sometimes one doesn’t, but people get tired. That is what I hear.

But in Samadhi you don’t get tired in spite of having that deep experience of joy. There is with no excitement, no feverishness, no tiredness, but an elevation which is energizing you every moment. So that is why celibacy happens.

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