Mahabharata stresses on Truth, Righteousness

The main theme underlying the Mahabharatham emphasises that unscrupulous and unethical conduct, duplicity and evil deeds will never pay. One can achieve perfection and reach God solely guided by the twin factors Righteousness and Truth (Dharmam and Satyam). The epic, a mammoth edifice with Devotion as its foundation projects Vidhura’s intellectual acumen, Kunti’s sagacity, Gandhari’s […]

Important Aspects of Mahabharat

Though Mahabharat was composed by Maharishi Vedavyasa but it was beautifully written by the first god Vinayaka. Mahabharat is considered as one of the best Hindu scriptures and it is a great spiritual treasure of Hindu Religion. The Bhagwad Gita which acts as a holy bible for the Hindus is being derived only through Mahabharata. […]

18 Parvas of Mahabharata

Most of us are thinking that reading the great epic Mahabharata would create havoc in the lives of the readers, since some of the characters of Mahabharata like the Kauravas contain bad nature like cheating, enmity, jealously and pride. But we are forgetting about the good people like the Pandavas, our beloved Lord Krishna, Ma […]

Vidura Neethi, A guide for Management

Vidura Neethi is a great guide for management skills and potential organizational behavior. Even when one is confronted with the worst trials ans tribulations, he should not lose his balance. Patience is a virtue and the quality of endurance (Krishna) is the hallmark of nobility. This is evidenced by dharmaputra’s absolute calmness and unperturbed out look. Sri karpangadu Venkatachariar expounding the Mahabharatha […]

Vyadha Gita | Teachings of a Vyadha (Butcher) to Learned Brahmin in Mahabharata

The Vyadha Gita is found in the epic Mahabharata and it contains the valuable teachings given by a Vyadha (Butcher) to a learned Brahmin saint, and this detail was told by Rishi Markandeya to Yudhishthira. As per the story, the learned saint had clarified his spiritual doubts with a Vyadha (butcher), and he learnt the […]

Dasi Parashrami in Mahabharata (Mother of Vidura)

Story of Dasi Parashrami in Mahabharata, who is Dasi Parashrami? Dasi Parashrami is a serving maid in Hasthinapur kingdom at Queen Satyavati. Due to the untimely death of King Vichitravirya, her queens – Ambika and Ambalika were got the pregnancy with Maharshi Veda Vyasa in Niyog procedure. Along with Ambika and Ambalika, Vyasa also operated […]

Kurukshetra War

Lord Krishna preaching Bhagavad Gita

The Kurukshetra War is a war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas and it is mentioned in the holy epic Mahabharata. It is believed that at the present place of Haryana, the Kurukshetra war took place. This war was lasted for a period of 18 days, and after that, the Kauravas were killed in the […]

Itihasa | Itihasas in Hindu Scritpures

Itihasa means legend, and it tells about the details of the ancient sages, kings and the deities. Ramayana and Mahabharata are mainly considered as Itihasas. Teachings and life history of the holy sages are also mentioned in that. The Ramayana tells us the story of Rama and about its greatness, whereas the Mahabharata tells us […]

Yuyutsu, Son of Dhritarashtra & Gandhari’s maid

Yuyutsu as per the great epic Mahabharata, was the son of Dhritarashtra and his wife Gandhari’s maid. He was the only son of Dhritarashtra who survived in the Kurukshetra war, after the death of all other kauravas. He was also called by various other names such as Dhartarastra and Vaishyaputra. LIFE Yuyutsu was a great […]

Bahlika | King Vahlika in Mahabharata

Bahlika also spelled as Vahlika, was the king of Bahlika kingdom in the Mahabharata, the elder brother of Shantanu, who was a king of Hastinapur and the uncle of Bhishma. He was the oldest warrior to fight in the Mahabharata war. Bahlika had a son Somadatta and grandson Bhurishravas who along with him fought on […]

Pradyumna, Son of Lord Krishna

Pradyumna, Son of Lord Krishna.. Role of Pradyumna in Mahabharata, Kurukshetra war.. Pradyumna was born to Rukmini and Krishna and the son looked exactly like Krishna. When he was hardly ten days old, Demon Sambara kidnapped the child not knowing that he was the son of Krishna threw him in the Sea as a huge […]

4000 year old Chariot of Mahabharata era found in UP’s Sanauli ASI Excavations

For the first time in the Indian sub-continent, burial pits have been found with chariots that date back to the Pre-Iron Age(Bronze). This new finding is set to create space for further investigation on dating of the Mahabharata period and further inquiry into the origins of the horse in the Harappa age, as per the […]

Time is a great Healer & Guide to Virtue

A shrewd man would scrupulously avoid evil deeds and refrain from doing acts, which men of learning and the sastras did not approve of, stubborn in his decision to do only virtuous deeds, he would brook no delay in executing them. Avarice, anger and greed are among the qualities that should be renounced, if one […]

Important Vyuhas in Kurukshetra War (Mahabharatha Yuddham)

What are the important Vyuhas in Kurukshetra War (Mahabharatha Yuddham). These Vyuhas were strategised by both – Kauravas and Pandavas. మహాభారతంలో జరిగిన కురుక్షేత్ర యుద్ధంలో పాండవులు ఏడు అక్షౌహిణీలు, కౌరవులు పదకొండు అక్షౌహిణీల సైన్యంతో యుద్ధాన్ని ప్రారంభించారు. రోజుకొక వ్యూహం నిర్మించి ఆ ఆకారంలో తమ సైన్యాలను నిలిపేవారు. అందులో కొన్నిప్రముఖమైన వ్యూహాలు.. 1. క్రౌంచారుణ వ్యూహం : పాండవ సేనాని దృష్టద్యుమ్నుడు క్రౌంచపక్షి ఆకారంలో సైన్యాన్ని నిలుపుతాడు. […]