Mahabharata stresses on Truth, Righteousness

The main theme underlying the Mahabharatham emphasises that unscrupulous and unethical conduct, duplicity and evil deeds will never pay. One can achieve perfection and reach God solely guided by the twin factors Righteousness and Truth (Dharmam and Satyam).

The epic, a mammoth edifice with Devotion as its foundation projects Vidhura’s intellectual acumen, Kunti’s sagacity, Gandhari’s chastity and other spiritual values. It is an encyclopedia of Laws and rules relating to the preservation of character.

Sri Manjakkudi Rajagopala Sastrigal in has discourse said in the very first of the 100 chapters (with verses numbering one lakh), the relationship between the teacher and the taught was illustrated. Asked to arrange for the closure of the breach in the bound of a field, the disciple laid himself across gap to prevent water form seeping through, thus earning the admiration of his Guru for his dedication.

Another episode mentioned a puppy accidentally happening to pass by a place where religious rites were being performed, and being beaten by the gathering, though it had not seen the oblations. Its mother felt that the young one had been unnecessarily injured while it had not committed any wrong and said anyone who punished a weaker individual without any provocation was bound to meet with some calamity.

Written in the from of a narrative to bring out the hidden truths in Vedas, the works is interspersed with innumerable stories which on a deeper probe will reveal secret messages.

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