Important Aspects of Mahabharat

Krishna wheel Bhishma

Krishna wheel Bhishma

Though Mahabharat was composed by Maharishi Vedavyasa but it was beautifully written by the first god Vinayaka.

Mahabharat is considered as one of the best Hindu scriptures and it is a great spiritual treasure of Hindu Religion. The Bhagwad Gita which acts as a holy bible for the Hindus is being derived only through Mahabharata.

Rishi Vyasa contains good knowledge in Vedas, and hence he is known as Veda Vyasa.
Apart from the Holy Bhagavat Gita, other Gitas also exist like Ribhu Gita, Guru Gita, Ashtavakra Gita, and Rudra Gita.

Arjuna contains very good knowledge in archery similar to Lord Rama.

As per Mahabharat, the holy Vidura was the incarnation of Lord Yama Dharma, and he was a nice person who contains good knowledge in relevant subjects, and he also acted as a prime minister to his brother,king Dhritarashtra.

Mahabharat teaches about Dharma and we can learn a lot by reading Mahabharat. Through Mahabharat, we have learned not to play the dice game forever in our life. Mahabharat is read even by the Foreigners since it contains good subjects.

Abhimanyu’s death occurs due to the Charavyuga, and it teaches us that, we should act smartly in our life, and we should never deal with any unknown matters.

Lord Krishna had given his full support to the Pandavas instead of Kauravas, and from that, we can understand that god would always stood in the side of the good ones, and would ignore the bad ones. So long as we maintain enmity with someone we could not lead our life peacefully, since each and every moment we would be thinking only about the revenge. This can be known from the enmity of Drupada and Drona.

Eklavya’s Guru Bhakti can be known from the Mahabharata, since he had chopped one of his fingers itself as Guru Dakshina and offered it to the holy Guru Dronacharya.

Most of the people present in the Kurukshetra Battle field listened to the Gita preaching of Lord Krishna, but Duryodhana didn’t listen to it.

Ma Draupadi was considered as Ma Durga’s Avatar.

After marrying the blind king Dhritarashtra, his pious and chaste consort Ma Gandhari had covered her eyes with a cloth throughout her life, since she doesn’t want to see the world like her husband.

Bahlika the king of the small Bahlika Kingdom had sacrificed the Hastinapura Kingdom to his brother Shantanu, and ruled only the small kingdom Bahlika. He has got such a good nature, since he was considered to be the avatar of Sri Prahalada Maharaja.

Yudhishtra contain very good nature, and he loved his brothers and his consort Ma Draupati so much.

Some sub-stories are also present in Mahabharata.

The chastity, generosity and purity of the holy mothers like Ma Draupati, Ma Kunti Devi and Ma Gandhari is clearly mentioned.

The significance of Lord Krishna can be known by reading Mahabharata. Being a supreme god, he had honoured everybody and treated them in a kind manner.

The severity of the fate can be well understood by Mahabharata. Even Pandavas contain the features of the demi gods like Vayu, Indra, Yama and Aswini Devas, yet, they were unable to supersede their fate.

Lord Krishna has shown his full form for a few times, before Sage Uthanga, in front of the Kauravas in their palace and during the Kurukshetra battle field.

Ghatotkacha, a good natured demon had proved his entire skills during the Kurukshetra battle field, however he was killed by Karna in the battle field.

During their ban period, Pandavas visited various temples and lived in the forests by communicating with the holy sages, and they lived an ordinary life.

In a nut shell, by reading the holy epic Mahabharat, we could clearly understand the positives and the negatives of the life, and based on that, we could lead our life successfully.


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