Pradyumna, Son of Lord Krishna

Pradyumna, Son of Lord Krishna.. Role of Pradyumna in Mahabharata, Kurukshetra war..

Pradyumna was born to Rukmini and Krishna and the son looked exactly like Krishna. When he was hardly ten days old, Demon Sambara kidnapped the child not knowing that he was the son of Krishna threw him in the Sea as a huge fish ate him but the child was safe in its belly.

A fisherman caught hold of the big fish and presented it to the King Sambara who in turn gave it to Mayavati the head cook of the King’s kitchen who cut the fish to find an attractive baby inside. At that very juncture, Brahmarshi Narada appeared in the kitchen and revealed the Story to Mayavati of Lord Rudra turning ‘Manmadha’ (Cupid) into ashes when he and Rati (Cupid’s wife) aimed Floral Arrows.

Lord Rudra gave boons that in their next birth, Cupid would be born as Lord Krishna’s son Pradyumna and Mayavati as Rati. As Pradyumna grew as a youngman, Mayavati desired to marry him despite wide difference of age. Pradyumna was popularly known as ‘Vyuha’ as the Lord of Intelligence, along with three of His other names viz Vasudeva (Lord of Consciousness); Sankarshana (Lord of Individuality) and Aniruddha (Lord of Intelligence). Eventually Pradyumna killed Sambara, married Mayavati and stayed with Rukmini and Krishna at Dwaraka.

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