Significance of Minor deities in Hinduism

Similar to the major deities like Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, minor deities like Indra, Agni and Yama are also considered as powerful deities, and they are excellently discharging their duties as per the instructions of the Trimurtis.

1. Lord Indra is the King of Heaven, and he is the god of rain and thunder.

2. Lord Agni is the fire god, who is a popular Vedic god, and he resides in the Agni Loka.

3. Lord Yama is the death god, and he is residing in the Yama Loka.

4. Lord Surya is the sun god, and daily he gives light to the entire universe.

5. Lord Varuna is the ocean god, and he controls River goddesses like Ganga, Yamuna and Godavari.

6. Lord Vayu is the wind god, who helps us to breathe easily, and he would give good health and mental stability.

7. Lord Kubera is the wealth god, similar to Ma Lakshmi, and he resides in Alakapuri.

8. Lord Chandra also called as Moon god, shines brightly during full moon days.

9. The celestial Devas are also called as demigods, and they assist Lord Indra towards discharging his duties, and they are living in the heaven.

10. The Apsaras are the celestial dancers, and they are the holy mother goddesses for the people living in the earth.

11. The Nagas are also called as demigods, and divine snake gods like Takshaka, Karkotaka, Aryaka and Vasuki are living in the underworld, the Patala Loka. Ma Manasa Devi is considered as the Chief snake goddess.

12. The Gandharvas are talented singers and musicians and they are controlled by Lord Indra.

Apart from these deities, star gods and goddesses like Dhruva and Rohini, consort of Lord Chandra, also must be worshipped by us. Apart from Surya and Chandra, other Navagrahas like Shanidev, Rahu and Ketu also must be worshipped in order to get rid from various doshams in our life. Some people are finding fault with Indra and Chandra, and they are also criticising for their past acts. But, they should know about one thing, that everyone is bind with karma, and as per the laws of karma, they might have done some wrong things in their past, but in general, all the divine gods are very pious and holy in nature. They are the worshipful deities, and by worshipping them wholeheartedly, we would be blessed by them.

There are lot of wonderful stories associated with the minor deities. We can know more about them by reading the Puranas. Similar to worshipping the Trimurtis, Tridevis, Lord Vinayaka, Ayyappa and Muruga, we have to worship these minor deities, in order to get goodness in our lives.

These minor deities are considered as the representatives of the god. They also act as a mediator between us and the god. We can tell our problems to the above mentioned demigods and minor deities, so that they would convey it to the almighty and they also have sufficient powers to grant boons to us, but they would do that, based on our fate only.

If we ask them to show mercy, then definitely they would review the nature of our sufferings, and they also would reduce the severity of our sufferings.


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