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karuppanna swamy

karuppanna swamy

Karuppanna Swamy or Karuppu sami is one of the Hindu deities popular among the rural social groups of Tamil Nadu and also in Kerala. Karuppanna swami is also known as Navaladian and Pattamarathaian. He is regarded as an amsha of Ayyanar and hence he is considered to be the KAVAL DEIVAM (DemiGod)as per Tamil tradition. Karuppu Sami is also considered as an avatar of Lord Vishnu, since he has appeared out of Vishnu’s right hand.


Karuppanna Swami temple is mostly found in the outskirts of the Village. Usually,the whole village contributes to the welfare of the temple. These temples do not have Gopurams and have large statues of Gods with large eyes, holding weapons like bow and arrow, swords, sickle and other weapons.

The temples of Karuppanna swami is located all over Tamil Nadu. In Chennai, there is a famous temple for Karuppanna Swami with the name ‘Sri Navaladi Karuppana Swamy Temple’ and the address of the temple is No.14,V.V.Giri Street, Meenakshi Amman Nagar, Alwarthirunagar, Chennai – 600 087.There is also a famous Pathinettampadi Raja Karuppannaswamy Temple in Chenthamangalam near Salem.

Worship of Karuppanna Swamy

Karuppannar worship is a very ancient worship system. Most of the priests are non-Brahmins and they are the local villagers. The worship pattern is through folk tales, songs and arts.The midnight puja called ‘Sathya Puja’ is considered very important by the devotees.The local priest will offer flowers andvibuthi to the worshippers. They undertake fasting and maintain purity during the period.

The devotees submit their prayers to Lord Karuppannaswami in writing.. The normal problems addressed are family problems, financial troubles and local community and social issues. Whenever the wishes of the people are granted, they give their offerings to him based on what they promised to offer.

Karuppanna Samy is also worshipped in other countries under the name Karupu or Sangili Karuppar. Offerings of cigarettes, biscuits, butter, ghee, and alcohol as well as a sacrifice of a black chicken or goat are made to him.


The village committee would decide on when the annual festival is be conducted. The time of the year when this would fall varies from one village to another village. The commencement of the festival will be with that of a hoisting of the flag and tying the “Kaappu”. After this time, villagers cannot go out of the village, but can come in from a different village. During this annual festival, a large number of goats and chicken are sacrificed for Karuppanar. He is also offered Beedis and alcohol.


Karuppana Swamy is a guardian god who protects us in all times and gives us happiness in our life and he mainly removes fear from our mind. He is the one who bless us whenever we submit our prayers and make the offerings to him.

Let us pray to Lord Karuppanna Swamy and chant his nama ‘OM SREE KARUPPANNA SWAMIYE NAMAHA’


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