Matali | Charioteer of Lord Indra

Matali is the charioteer of Lord Indra, and he resides in the Indra Loka. He is considered as a friend and an attendant of Lord Indra, and he was mentioned in various Hindu epics. He used to drive the chariot efficiently during the times of battles between devas and asuras, and would obey the commands of his master Lord Indra Dev. He got the capacity to drive the divine chariot in a fast speed, and would reach all the divine worlds within few minutes.

At his younger age, he performed penance on Lord Indra, and became his charioteer. He was blessed by Lord Indra and by the demigods in the heaven, and got great powers.

His horses are well trained, and are considered similar to the holy horse Uchaisravas, and he drives the chariot in a smart manner, and the horses would respond to his commands immediately and acts accordingly.His father was Rishi Samika, and he got married, and had one daughter named Guna Kesi. His daughter was married to the holy Naga Prince Sumukha, in the Naga Loka.

It is believed, that he still happily lives in the Indra Loka, by enjoying all sorts of comforts.

Let us worship the Divine demigod Matali and be blessed.

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