Celestial Dancers in Indra Loka

Celestial dancers are the divine demigoddesses, and similar to the Bharatanatyam dancers in the earth, they are doing their dancing profession in the Indra Loka. They are appointed by Lord Indra, in order to entertain him, as well as the Divine demigods in the heaven. There are lot of celestial dancers living in the Indra Loka.

Among them Swayamprabha was also a famous celestial dancer, and though she sincerely served her master Indra, once she was cursed by him, and as a result she went to the earth, and began to meditate Lord Vishnu in a magical cave owned by her dearest friend Hema.

Swayamprabha was a noble woman character in the Ramayana. She was a female saint, who meditates in a magical cave, and she helped the Vanaras lead by Lord Hanuman, when they were searching for Mata Sita. Swayamprabha served as a celestial dancer in the court of Lord Indra, and due to a curse given by Lord Indra, she came down from the Indra Loka, and began to perform penance in a magical cave, which belonged to her close friend, Hema. She was a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu, and hence she meditates in the holy cave by chanting the names of Lord Vishnu.

When Vanaras were searching for Mata Sita, they felt very tired and hungry, and when they saw a beautiful cave, they entered into that, and there they met Mata Swayamprabha, who was in deep penance.

When Hanuman asked about her whereabouts, she told about her life history, and asked him and other vanaras to take food and water, and also to take rest for some time in that cave. All the Vanaras were danced with joy, and they ate plenty of food and drank water. After some time, when they were about to leave, Mata Swayamprabha had advised them to go to Srilanka, the place where Sita Mata was imprisoned by Ravana, and she was able to identify the place of Mata Sita, through her spiritual powers.

Due to that, Hanuman and other vanaras were become very happy, and thanked her and through her superior powers, they came out from the cave.Since Swayamprabha had helped the Vanaras in searching for Mata Sita, she had relieved from her curse, and went back to the Indra Loka, and started doing her work, as the celestial dancer. In course of time, due to her devotion on Lord Vishnu, she attained the abode of Lord Vishnu, the Vaikunta.


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