Athirathram at Keesaragutta in April 2013

Athirathram will be performed at Keesaragutta near Hyderabad, in April 2013. The dates of Athirathram in Keesara are: from April 13 to April 24. Last year in Andhra Pradesh, Athirathram was performed in Yetipaka, near Bhadrachalam. Read full post on Bhadrachalam Athirathram… This article explains us the detailed procedure of Athirathram – stages in Athrathram […]

Watch Athirathram 2012 Live Online

You can watch Athirathram 2012 live online from Yetipaka, Bhadrachalam (Andhra Pradesh) for free. Bhakti TV (Telugu Devotional Television Channel) telecasting it live. With live streaming, you can watch important events of Athirathram live online. 12-day Athirathram begins on 21 April and ends on 2 May 2012. Watch Bhakti TV live online for Athirathram 2012 […]

Detailed Schedule of Athirathram 2012, Yetipaka

Here is the detailed schedule of Athirathram 2012 of Yetipaka, Bhadrachalam. The 12-day Soma Yagam begins on 21 April and ends on 2 May 2012. Officially the Yagam begins with Dandanirnayam and ends with Udavasaaneeya Ishti. Day 1, 21 April 2012, Saturday: 8 AM to 11.30 PM Dandanirnayam, Ukha sambhaaram  (Ritual preparation of Ukha Pots), […]

Athirathram 2012 begins at Bhadrachalam

Athirathram, 4000-year old Uthkrushta Soma Yagam has begun today (21 April 2012) at Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh. Yetipaka, a village near Bhadrachalam is the venue of the Athirathram rituals. Lakhs of devotees may visit the site during Athirathram. Scientists and enthusiastic researchers reached the venue on 20 April 2012. Athirathram 2012 (12 days) dates are: from […]

Scientists’ Analysis says Athiratham, an ancient fire ritual purifies the environment

Athirathram, a 4000-year ancient fire ritual (Yagnam) purifies the environment and has positive impact on atmosphere, soil and other environment effects, as per the analysis of scientists. In 2011, Athiratham ritual was held in Panjal, a remote village in Thrissur district of Kerala from April 4th to 15th. The group of scientists led by Prof […]

Athirathram 2012 at Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh

Athirathram, the ancient Vedic ritual (The Supreme Soma Yaga) will be performed in 2012 at Yetapaka near Bhadrachalam (Khammam district) in Andhra Pradesh. Athirathram begins on 21 April and ends on 2 May. This is the first time for Andhra Pradesh to host the 4000 year-old Vedic ritual. Athiratham 2012 will be facilitated and organized […]

Panjal Athirathram 2011 Photos, Images of Athirathram

Panjal Athirathram, held between April 4 and 15 in 2011, is one of the biggest and ancient Vedic ritual in the world. Here are some photos or images of Athirathram 2011. Sandeep Varma who is updating us about the event has published many photographs in his blog. One of the best images of Athirathram is […]

Athirathram, 4000 year-old Vedic Yagna begins at Panjal in Kerala

Athirathram, a 4000 year-old Vedic ritual (Yagna) has begun today (4 April 2011) at Panjal in Kerala. For the first time, the historic Yagna will be studied by a team of scientists to analyze the impact of the ritual on the environment and people. Panjal is located in Trissur district of Kerala. Athirathram is a […]

Stages in Athirathram Yagam – Daily rituals of Athirathram Yagam

Athirathram, the most ancient 12-day Vedic ritual, will be performed with utmost gusto and devotion in Panjal (Kerala) from April 4 to 12 April in 2011. The first stage of Yagam starts with Naandeemukham and the last stage of Athirathram ends with Yajnapuchham. Here are the details of daily rituals during in Athirathram Yagam. First […]

Garuda shaped Chithy or platform in Athiratham Vedic ritual

Athirathram is performed either with Garuda-shaped platform (chithy) or without this platform. Panjal Athirathram 2011 will have the hearth shaped like the mythical bird “Garuda” or eagle, and made of special bricks laid out to the ancient Vedic measurement. The Garuda shaped chithy of Panjal Athirathram 2011 is called ‘Panchapathrika’, as Garuda has 5 wings! There will be 200 bricks in one layer […]

Panjal Athirathram 2011 – Athirathram at Panjal Kerala

Panjal is the place where Athirathram 2011 to be observed. Panjal Athirathram 2011 dates – the Vedic ritual begins on 4 April and ends on 15 April 2011. Panjal is a village in Thrissur district in Kerala. Panjal hosted Athirathram in 1975. It is a 4500 year Vedic ritual performed for the prosperity of people […]