Panjal Athirathram 2011 – Athirathram at Panjal Kerala

Panjal is the place where Athirathram 2011 to be observed. Panjal Athirathram 2011 dates – the Vedic ritual begins on 4 April and ends on 15 April 2011. Panjal is a village in Thrissur district in Kerala. Panjal hosted Athirathram in 1975. It is a 4500 year Vedic ritual performed for the prosperity of people and to protect the energy of environment. Varthathe Trust is organizing this event in 2011.

Athirathram is observed for 12 days. The events start with Naandeemukham to Saalaapravesham and ends with Yajnapuchham. Everyday Annadanam is performed in the afternoon. This is the great Vedic ritual which is witnessed by thousands of foreign scientists, historians, and cultural activists. All of them scripted the ritual with the golden letters that they have witnessed some clear changes in the environment during and after the Athirathram.

Panjal Athirathram 2011 Schedule

Day 1 – Naandeemukham to Saalaapravesham, Deekshaahassu

Day 2 – Pravargya Sambhaaram (Collection of Pravargyam items)

Day 3 – Yoopam Kollal

4th to 8th days – Agnichayanam (Construction of Altar)

4th to 9th days – Pravargyam and Upaasath (Upasaddinangal or Upasath days)

10th & 11th days till the dawn of 12th day – Suthy Suthyam days and finally Yajnapuchham

Annadanam time 12.30 to 2.00 pm every day.

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  1. Dilip Vamanan athirathram says:

    Great to Know about Athirathram. I have updated more details in my page about the Athirathram happening in Panjal. Thanks again

  2. Gita Rajagopal says:

    For the existence of world in the proper proportion /ratio this type of yagas are essential. the importance of yaga to be brought to the young generation by bringing the Hindu culture in the school level itself.

  3. Gita Rajagopal says:

    For the existence of world in the proper proportion /ratio
    this type of yagas are essential. The importance og yagato be brought to the young generationby bringingthe hindu culture in the school level itself.

    This is my humble comment as a retired teacher.

  4. K K B NAMBOODIRI says:

    Worth visiting the Athirathra village. Will throw some light to the culture which is becoming extinct