Athirathram 2012 at Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh

Athirathram, the ancient Vedic ritual (The Supreme Soma Yaga) will be performed in 2012 at Yetapaka near Bhadrachalam (Khammam district) in Andhra Pradesh. Athirathram begins on 21 April and ends on 2 May. This is the first time for Andhra Pradesh to host the 4000 year-old Vedic ritual.

Athiratham 2012 will be facilitated and organized by Samatha Lokseva Samithi. Yetapaka is believed as the place where Jatayu’s wings were fallen during his war against Ravana as per Ramayana.

Read the report of scientists on Athirathram – Athirathram purifies the environment

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  1. lakshmana says:

    I came first time to badrachalam. I had very bad experience. No direction to yagam place, no proper transfort. no free bus to temple..

    This is very bad to say that organisers really failed to arrange facilities to devotees. In media there is huge publicity.
    what u people did in 9 crores .. please to devotees