Athirathram at Keesaragutta in April 2013

panjal athirathram 2011

panjal athirathram 2011

Athirathram will be performed at Keesaragutta near Hyderabad, in April 2013. The dates of Athirathram in Keesara are: from April 13 to April 24.

Last year in Andhra Pradesh, Athirathram was performed in Yetipaka, near Bhadrachalam. Read full post on Bhadrachalam Athirathram…

This article explains us the detailed procedure of Athirathram – stages in Athrathram and daily rituals of this Yagna.

As per the official website of Athirathram 2013 (Keesaragutta)

Athiraathram is considered as the biggest Somayaagam performed in Kerala as other bigger Somayaagams are not usually performed by a Namboothiri. It is a 12 day ritual. Only those who have performed Agnishtomam (click here to know more about its Detailed Programme) is eligible to perform this somayaagam.

Panjal Athirathram 2011 image

Panjal Athirathram

Any person, attending this performance, is supposed to know how it is performed. Those who intend to attend this Somayaagam are advised to keep a copy of this article. Only very important points are included in this article.

This 12 day ritual has its first 3 days meant for Deekshaahassu, and then 6 days of Upassaddinangal. The remaining 3 days are meant for the most important part of Athiraathram, namely, the Suthyam. Each layer of the altar is constructed daily and thus the five-layer altar will consume as many days commencing Day-4 (to day-8).

The altar consecration is done on day-9. Suthyam days would commence in the evening of the 10thday which will continue till the end of the Athiraathram, uninterrupted.

About THAPASS, the organizers of Athirathram at Keesaragutta

THAPASS (Thatwika Hyndava Achara Pracharaka Samithi) is a voluntary organization formed three years ago that is dedicated to the spreading of the cherished values of ancient Indian culture. The endeavor of this Trust is to serve the society at large by imparting and disseminating knowledge of ancient Indian scientific and philosophical systems, by organizing vedic rituals in various places all over India on a long time basis.

The ultimate goal of the members of this Trust is to liberate oneself and coming generations from the unforeseen consequences of bad KARMA.

The Trust was formed only three years ago, but the founder members were involved in the conduct of Vedic rituals since 1990. Of the three key members Dr Sivakaran Namboothiri (Thottathil Illam) hails from a samavedi family, from Panjal, Thrissur is going to be the chief rithvik of the proposed Yagam. And Mr. Sivashankaran Nair and Mr Mohanan Nair, also from the same Panjal village, were active participants in Yagams held in 1990, 2006, 2009, 2011, and 2012. These three form the backbone of THAPASS.

In the twin cities the Trust has made its presence felt by conducting activities classes on the Bhagavad Geetha, Bhagavatham and Ramayanam. There have also been study classes and satsung etc. during the last two years in order to promote the aforesaid goal.

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  1. rao says:

    sir, it is a great sacrificial fire. so, can anybody give the contact number of dr,sivasankaran namboodiri to pay my pranams.

    • rajarama nayak says:

      sir im rajarama nayak from bantwal near mangalore i am interested to participat atiratram what can i do and
      ready to perform in mangalore help guidlines me

  2. L.T.V.Rajesh says:

    dear sir i request you sir please conduct athirathram yagnam in Nellore. Because last 3 years no rains in Nellore. lot humans and cows are suffer.please conduct athrathram yagnam in Nellore.

  3. jayendra says:

    Sir , i want to donate some amount can u tell me the address

  4. Lalan says:

    athirathram at keesara in hyderabad details of programmes

  5. Anirudh says:

    athirathram yagam at keesaragutta on April 22nd 2013

  6. M.Brahmachari says:

    చాల విచారకరమైన విషయం ఏమిటంటే .కిసరలో జరిగిన అతిరాత్రం యజ్ఞం చాలామందికి తెలియకపోవటం ,ప్రచార మాధ్యమాలు కూడా ప్రచారానికి ప్రాదాన్యత ఇవాకపొవదమ్ వివక్చ్స గ ఉన్నదీ ,సినిమా ఆక్టర్ పెళ్ళికి వున్నా ప్రాధాన్యత ఇక్కడ లేదా … ,ఏర్పాట్లు బాగా వున్నాయి ,కాని ఆదరణ లో ప్రచార లోపం కనిపించింది …నిర్వాహకులు గమనించాలి

  7. Dhruti says:

    www photo gallery of athiratram 2013 in keesara gutta